9th May 2006, 16:33

What do you expect? I think to call it crap cause the oil light keeps coming on is a bit over the top. If you didn't like the keyless entry, then why buy the Megane. The Megane is a good car.

11th May 2006, 02:47

I own my Megz for almost 1 year now and I haven't had any problem (touch wood)..but judging by some people comments on here I'd think something will go wrong someday.. but that didn't stop the Bora or the Audi A4 from being so popular cars around the world even tho they are not the best cars when it comes to Reliability..

Bottom Line..if you want a sexy car with a lot STYLE and road character then the MEGANE is your car.. If you want an ugly car that will go without service for 50000 KM then go for one of these Japanese boring boxes like Corollas or Lancers...

31st Oct 2006, 00:22

My father has owned a Megane Sport Tourer 1,5 dCi since January 2005 and is very satisfied with it!

This engine has 100hp (new models now have 105) and in my opinion it is excellent for this car.

I would say the engine is quick and responds immediately to "pedal".

As far as I know, there haven't been any kind of trouble with the car (35.000 km so far).

Let me also mention that I own tho Renault Scenic 2004 1,6 myself (just bought the second one) and are very satisfied with the quality.

31st Oct 2006, 15:37

If you think the performance is crap then why did you buy that engine size why didn't you go for a bigger engine did you even go for a test drive? I stand by the others cause the oil light comes on you say it is crap what a load of rubbish. You're not driving a Renaultsport you know. A 2 second delay then why not get in to a lower gear?

31st Oct 2006, 15:39

Have you ever heard of being on Turbo boost?

8th Aug 2007, 06:51

I had the oil light come in my new Megane sedan and it was the oil pressure switch itself, which your dealer can fix in an hour.

What is your engine capacity? I think they make these as small as 1.4 L in Europe, which would indeed be truly awful. Here is Australia, the sedan only comes in 2.0 L (you can get the 1.6 in the hatch), and the 1.9 L diesel has just hit the shelves.

1st Dec 2008, 12:26

Regarding the American's derogatory comments about the Megane's acceleration, I have found it excellent on overtaking, and I have a 1.5Dci Auto Sport Tourer.

You just need to put your foot down, and the turbo kicks in fine, much better that my previous C3 diesel auto, which tended to hesitate a bit, making it a bit scary sometimes!

All in all, I find it a comfortable, spacious, good looking car, which averages 50 mpg.