21st Aug 2015, 17:55

Hard to understand? Renault have used the AL4/DPO automatic transmission over a long period time, and have used it over large range of models.

These units are well known for the type of incident the owner wrote about; these units suffer from defective pressure/solenoid valves, a poor cooling system for the fluid, and sensor problems. Any of these will produce a loud thump, lock out/limp mode, and the dash board will light up with fault lights. This is a sealed for life unit; mine does not even have a drain plug; it only has a level plug. Even if I could drain it and flush it out, the condition sensor would put it into limp mode, so I'm stuck with transmission where I can't change the fluid. Any auto trans maker will tell you that the fluid needs to be changed at 30,000 miles. Renaults keep pumping the same old fluid around, with material from the friction/steels in the clutches, damaging bearings, bushings, valve body components. Renault have known about these problems for years, but like to keep them quiet. Check out the Renault forums and YouTube, and just Google the Renault automatic transmissions!

21st Aug 2015, 18:09

Truth is, items like broken springs on Renaults are a common problem.

They use the same auto transmissions over the range of their cars/vehicles, and they don't like to advertise this, along with other parts common to the range of vehicles, so if you want to search for problems with your Renault, don't just search for your specific model, search Renault, and then you can see the other Renaults with the same problem and see you're not alone. Good searches are YouTube and the Renault forums. Renault like to limit problems to a specific model, it keeps the numbers down. Check out on eBay just how many different parts fit your model; it's an education!

21st Aug 2015, 18:32

Who in their right mind would give a warranty to a vehicle with so many known faults? Windows, petrol flap, door locks, hatch lock, broken springs, automatic transmission faults, electrical problems, uneven tyre wear on rear wheels etc etc!

24th Dec 2015, 12:45

Sounds more like the the famous Renault AL4 gearbox problem, where fluid gets too hot and/or the EMV valves pack up, causing the auto box to bang into third gear. It's a common fault, and the cost at a transmission shop is approx £500, the cost of the valves about £55, gadget approx £12, fluid fully synthetic can be bought for £30, but the unit has to be reprogrammed with the Renault clip software. Replacing the valves is easy, and you can drive it to a transmission shop and they will update the software for approx £40. Renault will charge you approx £800 plus. If you own a Renault, your best friends are YouTube, eBay and the Renault forums!

Modus automatic owner!