1998 Renault Scenic e/RN 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Superb vehicle


I've had no problems with the car whatsoever.

General Comments:

The car handles very well for a small people carrier. If anything, it leans on cornering, due to the suspension. But you soon get use to this.

Loads of space due to the three split seats in the rear.

Very good on fuel. Doesn't like petrol stations.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2009

1998 Renault Scenic RXE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Good if looked after


The car was fine for the first 4 months, then the gearbox started to bang.

Took it to the garage I normally use and was told this is a common fault due to a leak. There was a leak on the gearbox and it had lost about 2 liters of gear fluid. So, my mechanic found the were the top-up screw which is on top of the box just under the air-filter. He added 2 liters (no more than that at a time) of fluid and it was fine, but then 3-4 month later it started again. We came to the conclusion that the leak is not fixable, we don't know where it is, and to stop the problem altogether would be a new gearbox, or just keep topping it up every 3-4 months when required. So we did and it's lasted till now still going strong.

Just one thing; it's a little difficult to reach the top-up screw and hard to undo; fine for a man who likes to not be beaten, but for a woman, not practical unless you are a mechanic of sorts.

General Comments:

There was a little rust on the wheel arches, which seems to be general. Those do need to be seen to when there is the time, and money does improve the look and life of the bodywork.

Otherwise, the car is just fine, depending on how you look after it and how you drive it.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009

1998 Renault Scenic RT Alize 1.6 from UK and Ireland


The car is an unreliable wreck which I like other than its off the road more than its on it


I have had to replace the complete front suspension system at 50,000 miles.

At 55,000 miles I had to replace the radiator, fan switch and thermostat.

Furthermore I replace CV boots (joints) track rod ends and disks and brake pads at 60,000 miles.

Now at 100,000 miles The cylinder head gasket has blown.

General Comments:

I was generally pleased with the car at first as it was luxury inside.

Since running it all over the country was cheap (fuel economy) I had no quibbles.

That was until every penny I had was thrown at it to keep it on the road.

My brother whom is a parts manager at a well known chain has told me that the things that have happened to my car are fairly common.

My advice would be to stay clear of this particular model especially after about 40,000 miles as you are more than likely going to have to spend your well earned cash on it.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006

6th Jun 2007, 13:20

I agree entirely with this comment. I own the same model and year & I used to like it... but now I seem to be spending more on spare parts & repairs than on fuel. The latest debacle is when the electric window mechanism broke... I took it out of the door to find that it was just a tiny and very weak, but essential bit of nylon which looks to me to be bound to fail.. RENAULT told me that I could not buy just the nylon bit although, (quote:) " yes mate, they're always breaking, its quite common!" so in the end I manufactured a replacement myself, made out of metal. It should last a damn site longer than this renault rubbish.

Definition of RT ALIZE:

RT: Rather Trashy.

Good luck if you own one.

28th Jan 2012, 02:37

Some here. My Scenic Century 1.6 (check my review for Scenic 1998 from Poland) is slowly decomposing. In an ideal world, these cars should be scrapped after completing 5 or 6 years, or 100.000 km.

If I win some considerable fortune in the lottery, this car will be thrown from a cliff, or I will offer it to Top Gear. Maybe they can put it in a catapult.