1999 Renault Scenic RXE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A magnificent vehicle with apparently an inherently faulty gearbox


A few small faults were fixed very quickly such as a radio that began to switch itself off intermittently.

The car then behave beautifully until 18-20 months ago when it began to slip gears when hot. On eventful trip required a flatbed trip home courtesy of the R.A.C. Even then my local dealer failed to find and acknowledge the fault. He must think a 5hr ride in an R.A.C. truck in midsummer is something I enjoy.

Now box has become worse and my dealer is telling me I require a new one and as a goodwill gesture Renault are willing to pay half leaving me with an approximate £1000 bill.

I shall be using what I have read here plus the fact that the car was less than 3yrs old to argue for a new gearbox at their expense.

General Comments:

I truly love my scenic. I was adapted for my disability (without touching the gearbox) and has been a great source of freedom since I acquired it.

I was looking forward to the new scenic as a replacement or even a used Aventime, but having read the woes of Renault gearboxes I am having very serious doubts.

Whether I remain a Renault customer is quite simply in the hands of Renault.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2003

31st Jul 2003, 05:57

Renault automatic gearboxes are well known in the trade for being troublesome - avoid.

The new Scenic six speed gearbox is made by Nissan...

7th Sep 2004, 16:16

I have a W registration automatic Clio with very erratic gearbox problems. I always thought I had a five speed automatic and was surprised to hear that there is no such thing. It is obviously slipping a gear. The "gearbox" warning light comes on quite often and I have to stop and re-set by switching off. Well, I don't know what to think!

3rd Oct 2004, 14:42

Got a 99 v auto with 20.000m I have read many negative reviews about the renault gearbox, but I am very happy with my scenic.

I have owned the car for over 12 months and done most of the mileage and I have found the car very reliable.

I would recommend this practical car to anyone.

1999 Renault Scenic Alize 1.6 from UK and Ireland


An absolute dream


Nothing has gone wrong with my car!

General Comments:

They are practical and spacious. It is very economical and I would recomend this car to anyone. The interior is extremely comfortable.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2003

1999 Renault Scenic RTE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Very nice to drive


Automatic gearbox problems. Told by dealer it is the gearbox hydraulic distributor. Luckily we still have a warranty which runs out at the end of April 2003. Concerned that once the gearbox is repaired (?) we will have further problems after the warranty runs out.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable and apart from the gearbox it is great.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

1999 Renault Scenic RTE 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A cavernous comfy family car which doesn't drink petrol!


When I bought the car it had only one Blipper for the central Locking/ Alarm. A replacement unprogrammed blipper from the dealer is: 45 pounds + vat. Reprogramming the immobiliser is 30 pounds + vat. The new Key shaft is 15 pounds + vat (uncut!.) The engine gets a bit noisier when it has completed a longish run, even though its only done 37000 miles, and I've changed the oil! Wondering what other tricks the local dealers have up their sleeves! Haven't suffered from the brake problem, but one does have to treat the gearbox with respect...

General Comments:

Lovely car otherwise, still finding nooks and crannies all over it! Much more frugal than a 2 litre Volvo estate (which I miss dearly if only I could have afforded to keep filling that up!)

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

1999 Renault Scenic Base 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


I'd recomend them to anyone especially considering the standard of safety equipment


Front fibre glass wings came away around headlights twice.

Squealing rear brakes.

Interior plastics around floor and sills is very difficult to keep clean, especially with three young kids!

General Comments:

I've had the car since new; my first new car. I've really enjoyed owning it and will miss it when I change later on this year.

It's very comfortable although front seats could do with a bit more side support.

It's quick enough for me especially considering it's only a 1.4.

Fuel economy has been excellent with 37-40 mpg around town and mid 40's on a run. My family and I went to Italy last year, two adults and three kids with all the usual gear you'll never use! we even took a TV!!! With all the weight and faster travelling on the motorways it proved extremley comfortable travelling at between 70-80 mph and returning 47mpg; seriously!!

The Renault dealer did not exactly fill me with confidence when their head mechanic told me that the squealing noise from the rear brakes was a result of the brake shoes needing adjusted. Really hard to believe you trust these guys to look after you when the car has disks all round!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2002

12th Jun 2002, 15:55

We have a Scenic and we love ours too.

It is an easy car to live with, and is one of the best most appealing cars we have had the pleasure to own, and hopefully will be one of the most reliable too.

Owing to the cars height it is also very easy to get in and out of, especially when you lift the kids in and out, (drive a Scenic and then climb down into a normal saloon car) a Scenic it is easy on your back!!!... ask my wife who is heavily expectant.

My only real gripe is that I find that it suffers badly from wind noise at speed, which on on long run is rather tiring, I understand that MPV`s do suffer from this, but i`m sure that Renault could have addressed the situation.

We have the 1.6 engine and it certainly shifts, but still manages to return very good m.p.g... even when it`s pushed... but I have learned not to fully trust trip computer which tells you exactly how many miles you have left before you have to fill up... it lies!!!

You have commented that your brakes are making a noise, well let me tell you that my Scenic DID have the same problem... it is a fault with Scenic`s and my dealer has replaced the rear offending discs thanks to Renault... it is due to the fact Renault had removed the asbestos from the pads and that has caused the problem... they have developed modified ones which have since been fitted.

My dealership had told me that my case was not unique and other Scenic owners at my CO. DURHAM dealership were also getting new pads.

GET IT SORTED... and do not take any crap from them, they tried to bill me, until I said I was not paying the bill!!!

Renault have more money than I have, it was and is their problem... even if it was a fiver they were paying it... good luck and happy motoring.