3rd Feb 2003, 13:17

Don't listen to them, your car is not of satisfactory condition, seek legal advice.

I my self have rejected a car, it was not most pleasurable experiences, but I got a new car, which unbelievably had the same faults, it was not a Renault - it was a Nissan.

Stand your ground you have the right to reject anything!!

17th Feb 2003, 12:37

My local Renault dealer was interested to sell the car to me almost two years ago. I contacted my dealer with a small problem (a small gromit was missing in the dash). He was reluctant to do anything. I forced him to order the part. He did do. Since then I have been back with minor problems and they are not interested. This morning I damaged my front Bumper whilst parking in a shopping centre. I priced the bumper the price jumped to double in matter of few seconds from £150.00 to £300.00. These are prices don't seem right. Is Renault UK being greedy and are running a scam to rip people of UK.

12th Aug 2009, 03:27

I think I must just be lucky.

I have a Renault Scenic RXE 2.0 year 2000 import, and apart from replacement Pencil coils, this year is the first time it has failed the MOT and that was for a rusty support bar in the rear.

However, I do have a problem and that is over the last year I have had trouble doing a clean change into reverse. Has anyone had the same problem? The clutch works OK and there are no signs of slippage.

19th Aug 2010, 14:18

I have just had a clutch fitted by a Renault dealer, and it is very stiff going into gears, and crunches going into reverse. It has had a new gearbox fitted in 2008, along with new clutch, the usual turbo, alternator, timing belt kit, and engine wiring loom.

Scenic 1.9 dCi 2002.