31st Oct 2002, 06:29

I have recently had the same problem with water getting into a coil and the engine misfiring.

After taking this vehicle to a Renault dealer, chatting with him and reading messages here it transpires that this is a VERY common problem.

Since Renault also contributed to the cost of my repair (the dealer instigated this without me asking) I suspect there is a design fault in this engine.

Further conversations with some friends of mine in the automotive industry have led me to think that maybe we should be trying to do something about this. Apparently a failure rate on 2 vehicles in 1000 is grounds for a product recall.

The dealer I took the car to had repaired 4 other vehicles with the EXACT same problem that day alone.

I am preparing a case to present to Renault on this issue, as I am damned if I am going to fork out the cash every time I have this problem.

Please contact me on scenic@foamcow.com with your stories.


13th Mar 2003, 02:42

I have a 1.6 Alize also, that has 2 and 4 HT leads replaced.

If Renault were the only car manufacturer ever I would buy a push bike.

I have owned many cars and yes they all have had one or two problems, but take my Scenic which has had fault after fault.

Window seals have fallen out, interior lights have dropped out, the list goes on and on, you name it has had it.

It is one very good car, but once we can afford to change it, the DAM thing is going the journey.

I'm obviously not alone like yourself, but a visit to my local Renault dealer to get YET another issue repaired the Normally quiet midday service reception had a queue a mile long.

Irate people like myself had reliability/quality issues with their cars too.

8th Aug 2003, 07:36

I have had a second ignition coil fail in three months and have to wait now until 16th September before I can book my car in! What poor service!

20th Sep 2003, 12:20

I agree with the comment posted 'May'... you have to wait what seems like a life time for major repairs, and NO loan cars available.

Renault HQ are reluctant to help, and only offer 60/40 split payment for what would seem warranty covered items.

The main dealers themselves are also worse than useless.

In fact my Renault is being traded for a non-Renault car on Monday 22/09/03, and I will not be shedding any tears, well maybe in happiness... that we are finally getting SHOT OF THE PILE RUBBISH, I cannot wait.

I just feel sorry for the poor unsuspecting soul, who will get it next.

7th Sep 2004, 14:23

I found this site very interesting as it is apparent that there is a fault with the coils on the 1.6 alize which I have found disconcerting and thought may have been just on my vehicle which I bought in July 2001.

Though I think the vehicle is generally very good and very versatile, the misfire is a pain! The only other things I would fault on it are the small exterior mirrors and the sun visor which keeps dropping down slightly when pushed forward, and because of it's rigidity could cause injury when tilted down, but angled toward the driver, if the vehicle was involved in a collision.

10th Mar 2005, 03:31

Can anybody tell me what happened with the bloke who was gonna see about a recall on Scenics?

We've had our W reg 1.6 for 2 years, and in that time we had all four coils replaced within a month of having them. Then last year another went, then lo and behold, another went last month. We can't afford to keep replacing all four (I know you're supposed to).

Has anyone found replacing the bonnet seal helpful? The thing is, if it wasn't for that, probably the car would be great. Don't want to really get rid of it, as it's so practical. Wouldn't know which car to choose if we did get rid of it. Who do you trust?