2000 Renault Scenic RXE 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Best vehicle I've ever owned


Driver's seat replaced under warranty because the stitching came apart.

Right-hand headlight replaced under warranty. A spider had spun a web in the internal light bulb housing! This could not be removed without causing damage.

General Comments:

The Scenic is an excellent family vehicle. Perfect for young children.

This is the first European car I've owned (previously all Japanese). One of my concerns when making the decision to buy was reliability. Thus far the Scenic has exceeded my expectation in this regard. The engine and other mechanicals have been completely trouble free.

I'm also impressed with the 1.6 engine, which is very capable for its 'small' size.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2003

2000 Renault Scenic RXE 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


A great family car


I am posting this review to alert other users to the fault I have just had to deal with. The car was misfiring badly as it accelerated. I fixed this myself with a bit of help from Car Mechanics, but for 4 new HT coils it cost £178.00. Other drivers beware this is a quite common fault.

We also had a seat belt fault, fixed in warranty.

General Comments:

Generally a good car that serves our 4 person family really well.

A/C is a really good comfort.

Love the shape and the colour (silver)

Seating position, high, is really good.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

26th Feb 2003, 03:21

My Scenic has had the self same fault as yours.

I can count my self lucky that it is still under warranty, and that my dealer have replaced two of the coils, which was on two separate occasions when it had mis-fired.

But the tick-over is still lumpy and uneven, I am it taking back to insist they replace the other two, they will only replace the faulty one's.

But I since learned that you have to do all four at once.

I am also going to get them to test the "cat" to see if the mis-fire has not damaged it. It's M.O.T will pick that up, but that's when the warranty is up.

17th Sep 2004, 15:52

I have a Renault Scenic RXE Auto only 36000 miles on gauge, a fault with low compression on cylinder 1 50psi. 2,3, & 4 cylinders are 220psi that I am told is correct. This causes misfiring or rough idling. The estimate to repair this fault is in the range of £1500. Have anyone come across this type of fault before.

4th Nov 2004, 06:08

I bought a used (less than 12 months old) Renault Scenic 2.0L RXE in Aug 2000. It did the misfiring due to water getting into the coils. Phoned Ren UK and they paid for it to be replaced - Statuatory rights etc. Don't pay for it yourself. I was lucky in that they said they will only do this for secondhand cars if it was bought before the car was 1 year old - I would have still taken them to court - it's a design fault after all. There is a name for this scheme, RTS or something.


2000 Renault Scenic Alize 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Good design, poor build quality


The Bonnet seal failed after 2 years, hence, water got into the engine, causing rough running, bad timing and misfiring. As a result coils and plugs were replaced. The car was just out of warranty, however the dealer seemed to think Renault would contribute to the costs. I'll believe that when I see pigs fly.

General Comments:

Overall a good practical and innovative design for a 5 seater M.P.V. However, I'd have to say the worst thing about the car is that Toyota don't make it. The Build quality is very suspect.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

21st Oct 2002, 06:10

I've recently had water get into my engine. I've traced the problem to a leaking join on the windscreen jet tube, which is affixed to the underside of the bonnet.

The join between the nearside jet and the tube leaks when I switch the jets on (something I mainly only do when it rains)!.

The water seemed to collect around the base of the coil in cylinder 3.

In intially I dried everything out and out it all together again and the problem didn't go away. It was only then I noticed the pool of water swilling around the plug. This is very difficult to see without a torch and mirror! Sucked it up with paper and it all works.

Got to fix the water jet tubing now!