2000 Renault Scenic RT 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland




The Automatic Gearbox malfunctioned after we had the car about 3 months. All drive was lost and Recovery was used to take car back to dealer in Derby who sent car to gearbox specialist in Loughborough. They had the car twice and reconditioned the gearbox. When car went to main Renault dealer 3 weeks ago there was oil leak we asked them to fix. They reported it was an internal leak on gearbox so vehicle is back with gearbox secialist in Loughborough now. We have lost all confidence in this gearbox.

General Comments:

The car has all the general features we wanted. It is amazing a major car manufacturer like Renault cannot produce a reliable automatic gearbox.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005

13th Sep 2007, 12:45

I have a Scenic in Spain and the Auto box failed after 145,000 kms - it was rebuilt by specialists in Estepona. They said they had the same car in the previous week with 35kms on teh clock..

The gearbox is not made by Renault, but they knew there was a problem with them. So you could say it's their fault - The Internet shows loads of them with the same complaint repair €2,000 1 year warranty.

Hint if you hear a screeching from the engine from time to time chances are the bearing in the alternator and or the tensioner is going DO NOT IGNORE.. it will fray he fan belt and will find it's way into the toothed timing belt and then you will know what trouble really is.


2000 Renault Scenic RXE dci 1.9 dci from UK and Ireland


Excellent value for the price, £15,000


46,000 Theremostat

100,000 Altenator

183,000 diesel injectors.

General Comments:

I cover 50,000 miles a year

It is a very comfortable car

55 mpg if I drive up to 70 mph

Very flexible seating options

I tow a 1000kg caravan, its still got plenty of punch up hills, I can still beat a Discovery

Top Tip, since new I have changed the oil every 5,000 miles, the engine is like new as a result, had an emission check at 185,000, passed with flying colour.

The engine is fantastic.

I haven't thrashed the thing, but I don't hang about either.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2004

2000 Renault Scenic RTE 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great design, let down by poor reliability


First signs of a fault were that the instruments started going to back to zero when the car was being driven, also accompanied by the engine cutting out.

The clutch also squealed when pulling away, I thought this was some sort of anti-stall device... the dealer soon put me right.

Into the garage it went, where I was told "the injection computer is faulty" £350, had this fitted, new fault, "oxygen sensor faulty", had this fitted cost £70.

The garage said "OK", instrument fault cleared, but still cutting out. Am now told "wiring loom faulty"

I'm not out to rubbish the garage, but Which magazine says "electrics troublesome"...I should have listened.

As for the clutch... I am reluctant to spend any more money.

Wheel trims... tie the on, they have a habit of falling off.

It did pass the MOT though!

General Comments:

Good design, lots of glass and loads of storage space.

Engine runs out of puff quickly, could really do with a 1.8 engine.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2004

2000 Renault Scenic RX 4 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Something different, safe and good value


Not one thing.

General Comments:

I am genuinely surprised at how well this car has withstood the past 2.5 years. No problems at all.

Great space and luggage capacity. VERY safe - the main reason I bought this car was so my wife and son had 4 wheel drive, good safety ratings and high visibility. This does all of that without costing the same as a Range Rover (the car that all has the worst dealers in the world!)

Only real grumble is that it is noisy over 85 mph, but I didn't, but it as a motorway cruiser.

I changed from using a Renault dealer to my local dealer and saved about 40% in servicing costs.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003