31st Mar 2007, 12:49

Renault Scenic 1999, same knocking as described here. Glad I am not alone, but I have no answer. Replaced lower suspension arm and ball joint, track rod balljoints, brakes, no difference. Only thing I can think of is suspension, but I see on the thread here that didn't help. Can only be the rubbers on the roll bar...

10th May 2007, 11:11

My earlier remarks on the steering problems that were accidentally fixed is referred.

My problem is finally identified and fixed.

It is basically due to the 2 rubber bush on the U-Beams. (The steering rack is held to the car by 2 U-shaped beams that is insulated from the steering rack by the 2 rubber bush). The bush on the left side has flattened and resulted in the steering rack being displaced.

Renault replaced the 2 bushes and my steering now feels like new. Don't feel all the vibrations from the road now.

9th Jul 2007, 10:14

My 2003 Scenic RX4 has a problem with insufficient combustion. Twice the engine failed to pick up revs after I nearly stalled it. It takes a few minutes, while flooring the accelerator and bulging out grey petrol fumes at the back (no, no oil residue & the petrol smell is really bad). Very frustrating off-road! Seems to happen when engine is neither cold nor hot, but still heating up after 2km or so.

Also the fuel pump fuse has blown twice (unrelated incidents). Otherwise excellent car on dirt roads!

23rd Mar 2009, 03:33

I did the very same thing this morning in Umhlanga, went over a speed hump and my right rear starting knocking, it's the shock, it,s BUST, seems that these Scenics are not very durable cars, this is the 4th time in 2 months that something has broken gone wrong or had to be replaced!!!

2nd Jan 2010, 14:27

I have a Renault Scenic X reg. The knocking noise at the rear is indeed the rear shock. Had the knocking after going over a bump, swapped shocks over, and the noise went to the opposite side. Hope this helps.

18th Mar 2010, 17:36

I have Renault Scenic RX4, 2002. Had to have a new steering rack and replaced rack clamps as it started knocking AFTER rack replaced. Problem now solved. Steering racks come in two types: "TRW" or "SMI" - which is stamped on the rack in an almost impossible to see place. Also, had to replace rubber "Doughnut" at back end of prop shaft to stop transmission vibration. Main dealer said I had to buy complete prop shaft, but luckily found source for doughnut only (phew!) Also had to have a new management unit for engine which was not cheap and a new clutch cylinder. Oh, and now the gearbox/transmission is making a screeching noise... any ideas on this one?

12th May 2010, 14:15

I have a 52 plate RX4, and have been told I cannot get rack end joints, and have to buy a new rack. I thought if a vehicle was under 10 years old, parts had to be provided or replaced on a recall. Can anybody advise me? Thank you.

23rd Nov 2010, 08:37

The rear door and window on my RX4 have both stopped opening. I have tried spraying WD40 in and around the rear door switch with no success. I can't get the inner rear door-panel off to check the wiring, as the window is required to be opened to allow access at two fixing screws.

Any tips appreciated!


31st May 2011, 06:08

You can get rack end joints. There are 2 different steering racks fitted. I bought mine from a local spares factor in Swansea. Just quoting reg number and rack type.

9th Aug 2011, 08:49


Just read your comments, please could you tell me where you managed to buy the rear doughnut for your Renault RX4 propshaft?

Many Thanks


15th Sep 2011, 10:03

RX4 doughnut available from ebay, dac mac propshafts for approx £50 inc delivery.

13th Dec 2012, 19:37

Where did you get these "doughnuts" or bushes? I think I will need to replace mine.

29th Dec 2012, 07:33

Can anyone tell me how to remove this rear rubber doughnut? I've just taken the old prop off, but cannot remove it. The three nuts are off, so I thought I would just need to pull the complete prop away, but the damn thing will not budge. I have tried to lever it off with a screwdriver; no luck?

1st Jan 2013, 15:50

Hello, whoever said you can't get track rod ends, is probably a Renault dealer. You can buy the track rod ends individually, and you can also get the rods that they screw onto.

I was told by a Renault dealer that you couldn't buy a bottom ball joint, and that you had to buy the whole bottom wishbone at a cost of £180. Turns out the ball joints can be knocked out of the wishbone; a new one on eBay was £20. Anyway, I hope that helps.

All the best, Kev.

1st Jan 2013, 16:04


From what I remember about taking the rubber doughnut off, I think there are 3 bolts for the prop shaft, and another 3 bolts that hold the doughnut to the rear diff coupling.

Hope that helps, Kev.

25th Oct 2013, 10:15

What do I put into eBay to find these doughnuts, as I put in all sorts in and can't find them? Please help.

13th Oct 2014, 22:36

Hi, I had the same problem with my propshaft. Bought a Mercedes-Benz 123 series rubber doughnut for R1600, fitted it on and no problems for the past 4 years. I was shocked when I matched the Renault RX4 propshaft doughnut to the Merc's one: EXACTLY THE SAME.

1st Feb 2015, 12:26

Hi, can anyone help? I drove my RX4 all day yesterday, parked it on the drive, went back to the car 5 minutes later and it would not start. It will start with Easy Start, but then stop.

10th Jun 2015, 11:11

Hi Guys. Check this Facebook group out. You will find loads of people with RX4s, so any help you need is there!

RX4 international Club


16th Oct 2015, 18:17

The RX4 Internation Club Facebook page is an excellent source of interesting & useful information about these 'quirky' cars.

There are many friendly & helpful members in the group, and they are also great fun!

13th Jun 2016, 10:19

Thanks for this advice, the RX4 doughnuts are twice the price.

3rd Apr 2017, 01:54

I have had same problem.

Found to take off the rear door, undo screws at the bottom and side door handle, then slowly, slowly pull from the bottom out and door will come out.

You will need to unclip the wires to the buttons.