9th Dec 2007, 19:48

Many of the original comments on this string deal with routine items that should be dealt with on any car with 50k plus miles. This was a USED car, not a new one. I do take exception, however, to the comment that many who own these cars simply do so to "appear to be rich"... in fact many of us who own them are fanatics about the marque and treat them as our own children. I am by no means a rich person, but since I was a child have been enamored with these cars. I own an 88 Silver Spur, my second Rolls-Royce and like the first, a 75 Shadow, I am slowly, but surely restoring it to like-new condition. Working on the cars, to me, is half the fun of ownership. I drive mine several times a week and enjoy the smell of the leather and the feel of the ride as much as the next owner, but to me ownership brings a responsibility. My responsibility is to maintain what are widely viewed as the best cars ever made. I know there are cars today that put my Spur to shame in terms of technical advances. But none come close to the hand-built feeling and the pure luxury that is a Rolls-Royce. I own one not to look wealthy! I own one because it is part of my persona to do so! My son feels the same way about the many Camaro's he's purchased, restored and sold. For me it's Rolls-Royce... for you it might be Ford... or Chevrolet. We own them because we love them, not because we think we look good in them.

27th Mar 2008, 23:37

If you have a love for a Rolls, get one. I did, and I enjoy every moment in its luxury.

28th Mar 2008, 20:04

I am commenter 14:33...in addition to the 30 year old wagon they also own 6 airplanes. Nowadays a low profile with security concerns especially out on routine errands is why a non descript vehicle makes absolute sense. I believe there are more driving new Mercedes today. An interesting comment I heard was that at one time the most common credit card carried with individuals with high net worth was a Sears card!

29th Mar 2008, 00:23

I absolutely agree with comment made on 3/27/08, there is a genuine affinity for the marque that goes far beyond, & much deeper than, any idea of suggested status that the cars might represent. I have simply been in love with Roll Royce automobiles since I was a kid of 6 or 7. They just seemed "right" somehow. I recall my 13th birthday surprise, (in 1970!) was a visit to the local Rolls Royce dealership. I asked endless questions of the salesman, who was so nice to me while I eased in and out of each car, learning all about the Silver Shadow line. He provided some amazing sales literature for me to keep & treasure. And how I loved reading about RR history, engineering & the uncompromising luxury they exude! All that quality is avaialable at relatively bargain prices for those who desire it. I am currently seeking an '88 or '89 Silver Spur as my first Rolls Royce purchase. Over the years I have come so close to buying a number of Bentley & Rolls Royce cars, & balked at the last moment. This time I see no reason not to fulfill my lifetime dream. A well cared for example will very likley serve & delight me for many years ahead. I am fortunate to live in Southern Calif. with many well cared for cars to select from. (as well as many abused examples) My Best wishes to all of my fellow Rolls Royce enthusiasts.

20th Jun 2008, 18:16

These cars are about engineering. They are engineered to drive 500k. The attention to detail is amazing, and driving a well appointed car does not make you a wannabe. Since when is prestige, history and excellence a bad thing? If your affairs are in order and your kids all in college, do what makes you happy, because life is short, too short to have never owned a RR.

5th Aug 2008, 09:08

I own a 84 Silver Spur that I customized to look like the 2008 RR Phantom Mansory, everyone think it is a newer car. Three days ago a man responded to the looks of the car and said that is the best looking RR I ever seen in my life. I am no-where near rich but I have wealth in my hands, I am an Artist/Art Teacher and I love to create or recreate, so I built my own SS/Phantom Mansory. I used junked parts and whatever I found that fit in with my goal. You can email me at artistpettway@yahoo.com and I will email you a photo.

6th Sep 2008, 19:54

Very informative blog. I inherited an '84 RR Silver Spirit that spent its entire life outside in the NE. Sorry, but it never qualified for space in the garages. I would have preferred to inherit a '59 300SL roadster, but my stepfather sold it before passing. I'm a lover and connoisseur of fine autos thanks to him, and I already had my toy, a highly customized '84 911 Carrera Cabriolet that my mother bought new, and a '99 ML430 as my hooptie, but the RR had me dumbstruck for awhile, because I knew what I was in for.

I wanted to keep both '84s for sentimental reasons, because they were bought as part of the family's healing process after losing my brother. I've spent a pretty penny restoring ALL of the engine/tranny mechanicals, A/C, and of course got an education in the expensive restoration of this model's braking system. The existing exterior paint has held up remarkably well, but the interior needs some work due to spot water damage and general wear. The weatherstripping around all of the windows has dry rot and allowed water to enter around the windshield pillars and rear window deck. The sun has damaged the leather seats, but before I tackle the interior, I need to remove and replace all the windows and their weatherstripping, and I want to find someone who has experience restoring and enhancing this model.

This is truly a passion for autos that drives me to restore this car, but I keep thinking while I'm doing it, I should try to improve it as much and as discretely as possible. I had the dealer restore the mechanicals, but I'm looking for someone else to maintain them, due to the dealer's crazy pricing and incredibly poor service. So if anyone out there has recommendations, please let me know, and keep providing the great details of your journey with RRs. Those details are incredibly helpful in framing the concept of owning a masterpiece for the long haul.

2nd Oct 2008, 02:43

I have, for no known reason, always loved Rolls Royce, as a child I drew pictures of the Silver Shadow. I would love to own one for the love of the look, feel and heritage. These cars to me are art and pleasure... nothing to do with money or how you look, that is issue of other people.

To you all that own and love your classic car, enjoy your time, if you are not a car enthusiast you will never understand.

If you want your money in the bank then great, if someone else wants to spend theirs on their hobby or passion then let them... each to their own.

Personally I get joy out of seeing these beautiful cars whenever one 'rolls' by... which is rare in New Zealand.