1995 Rover - Austin 100 Kensington 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fit only for the breakers yard


Immobiliser stuck on and the car is now useless. Only 2 miles from where I bought it.

General Comments:

Appalling body work that attracts rust. I bought the car as a cheap run around, but 2 miles later the immobiliser refused to disengage and it is now useless. The process of neutralising the immobiliser is very time consuming and very expensive. Avoid at all costs, and go for the earlier model without the immobiliser. Who would want to steal one anyway?

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Review Date: 11th March, 2013

12th Mar 2013, 09:26

"Who would want to steal one anyway?"

- There are thieves that will steal anything that can move under its own power, this car included!

12th Mar 2013, 17:34

It's 18 years old - what do you expect?

12th Mar 2013, 18:50

Well, people would want to steal anything that is easy to hot-wire. Unless you want your car stolen, get a decent security system; possibly an alarm may be better.

Does the place that sold it to you give any kind of warranty? Even so, it would be worth sussing things out as to why the immobiliser stuffed up so quickly.

1995 Rover - Austin 100 Kensington 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Fun and quirky, getting rare in 2012


Rusty rear wheel arches - they were totally replaced in 2004 when the car was owned by my grandad, and now rusted again.

Overheats if sat stationery for more than 90 seconds.

Engine idle speed is too high.

Coolant has to be topped up weekly.

Hydragas has sunk.

Driver seat very sunken.

General Comments:

Reliable - If you keep on top of oil and coolant levels.

Looks better if you put alloys or sporty wheel trims on it.

Nippy and good fun to drive - especially since I fitted a K&N cone filter!

Turns heads one way or the other!

It does have zero street cred, but I'm too old to care about that anyway.

A rare sight - can't remember the last time I drove past another one...

On a final note, mine was purchased brand new by my grandad in 1996, passed to my dad in 2007, and is now mine in 2012. It's not my first car, I've been driving 12 years, but I'm now its keeper - possibly forever!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2012

1995 Rover - Austin 100 Kensington SE 1.2 (1.2) from UK and Ireland


All in all, this car has served me very well. It's economical, reliable, and I have loved it!


Wishbone was fixed during the MOT at 64,000 miles.

Cambelt was replaced at 64,000 miles (prior to me buying the car).

Clutch was replaced at 67,000 miles.

2 new tyres at 67,000 miles.

General Comments:

Extremely reliable and never fails to start up.

Engine runs sweet as a nut - no pops, wheezes or any other strange noises made.

Very economical - my car is a 1.2 engine, and costs me between £17 - £22 to fill up, and that will last me well over a week, which is great considering that I travel every day to work and back.

The only thing I don't like is that there's no power steering, which doesn't matter when driving, but parking can be a bit of a work-out.

It's cheap on insurance, and the tax is in the lower bracket - another two things in its favour!

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Review Date: 18th June, 2007

1995 Rover - Austin 100 kensington 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Don't waste your money


My head gasket blew at 33,000.

General Comments:

Exellent performance and handling in fact sceond to none on the supermini range in it's day.

Cheap on fuel insurance and tax.

However build quality is rubbish the head gasket blew at only 33,000 miles!

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Review Date: 19th May, 2007

1995 Rover - Austin 100 114GSi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Not fancy, but it does the job well, is nippy and cheap


Rust around wheel arches - rear particularly bad.

Radiator pipe rusted away (June 2004) but was able to purchase and fit new unit fairly cheaply and easily.

Radiator - leaks (May 2006) - patched with radiator weld and has not bothered me since - will change soon.

Head lining detaching around sun-roof (though was like this soon after purchase).

Door seals getting old and worn.

All else has been general motoring wear and tear only.

General Comments:

Originally purchased brand new to use for a daily 140 mile (round trip) commute. It served me well for 16 months and I have kept it ever since.

Would like a newer car, but cannot fault how reliable and cheap to run this car has been (despite having to deal with dealerships during warranty period) - I've barely had a peep out of it in over 11 years.

Looks a bit scruffy because of rust, because my brother bumped it and because the local youth also took to jumping on it (as they do) and then taking revenge by kicking side doors when they were asked to keep off.

Not the most comfy car for long distances, but acceptable. Handles well, and despite criticisms, my husband has grown to love it and still likes to "throw it about a bit" when he uses it.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2006