1995 Rover - Austin 100 5 dr GSi 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Superb, economical little car- look after it and it will look after you


Back wheel arches have suffered rusting. A very common trait found with Rover 100 series owners.

Interconnecting Alarm, Immobiliser and Central Locking Mechanism failed. The rolling code between the immobiliser and key fob started to mismatch continuously (after a good 11 years of service), resulting in the ECU having to be re-coded at a cost of £250. As Rover designed the car with all these security features working as one, the car now has had to have all its main security systems shutoff. It was a pain, but works fine without it. The doors can still be manually locked and unlocked.

General Comments:

This car is very economical to run. The 1.1 engine has enough 'oomph' to overtake the periodic slow cars in front of you, providing you are in a low gear! Equally, a full tank of petrol doesn't leave you skint for the week.

As the car is naturally very light, you can almost throw yourself around the corners knowing you're going to get round in one piece. However, at motorway speeds, the car is prone to getting hit by side winds and the occasional rattle from the dashboard.

Inside the car the whole interior is naturally very light and airy. Rover has made use of the big windscreen very well. There are no huge, unsightly corner pillars as found in other, newer cars. The sunroof also helps to add to the lighter, spacious feel.

Where the front seats excel in passenger comfort and space, it lacks severely in the back. The rear seats are uncomfortable on longer journeys and have little leg room. I'm guessing this is because the car had to be effectively 'shrunk' in size compared to the Metro so that it could accommodate a bigger sized engine?

The boot is more spacious, easily swallowing a full load of shopping or about two suit cases. The 5 door model is very practical for the everyday run about, providing your passengers aren't overly tall like me.

Driving this car is a joy. The steering is very light and handles well. The adjustable ventilation system and variable heater control is fantastic, warming up almost instantly.

For its price tag and general usability, you can clearly see why the 100 series was the top of its range at the time. The new, sleeker, rounder design to the front grille was a plus in my opinion.

Compared to the newer, more modern cars of today- this car might seem outdated to some, but not to me. It still has its fun, energetic feel, not forgetting its prized Metro heritage and values.

There's nothing 'snazzy' to a 100 series, but there isn't anything horrible to it either.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

1995 Rover - Austin 100 GSi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A decent car, but with a couple of major weaknesses


Head Gasket blew about 1 year ago, which cost me £850 to sort out - cleaning out the cooling system.

Alternator failed about 2 years ago.

Central locking on passenger door went wrong shortly after purchasing the car, had a solenoid replaced under warranty.

Central locking went wrong on passenger door 6 months or so later, it would not unlock with the rest of the doors, but would lock.

Central locking has gradually deteriorated, currently it does not work 90% of the time on either of the front doors, or the boot.

The seal around the sunroof opener has failed, so drops of water come in after rain.

The handbrake has been problematic, and has had to be seen to a few times now.

The suspension needing pumping up at last MOT.

General Comments:

I have generally enjoyed owning the car, and it performs pretty well.

There are a few fundamental problem areas with the car:

The central locking (which has been a constant pain)

The head gasket - which blows a lot on these cars I believe, and is expensive to sort out

The handbrake - which has never been quite right.

I would advise someone purchasing one of these cars to buy one without central locking, as that eliminates one of the weaknesses.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2004