1991 Rover - Austin 200 216 GTi 16V 1.6 petrol from France


A very good and cheap car


Ignition module at 203000kms.

Timing belt at 110000kms and 220000kms.

Front brake pads at 142000kms.

Front brake discs at 220000kms for the first time (!).

Rear brake pads at 135000kms.

General Comments:

Very reliable car.

My engine still can reach the red line very fast although I drive quite hard all the time.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002

17th Jan 2004, 06:50

Wow over 200,000 on the clock.

I thought I was doing well at 149,000.

I agree with you this car is super quick and very reliable.

Underestimated hot hatch.

1991 Rover - Austin 200 Si 1.4 16v Twin Cam from UK and Ireland


Rovers' Flagship that sometimes won't sail!


Battery failed a few months ago, but I guess that's just luck really.

Head Gasket has recently blown, but it I could see it was it's way out.

I replaced the Cam belt whilst I was at it, Note to all current/future Rover owners - Change it when you are supposed to!

Since then have had problems with the Cooling system, overheats and water backs up the expansion bottle. I am currently still trying to work out what the hell is wrong with it!

General Comments:

Interior trim is of a high standard for the year of the Car, and is very spacious and comfortable.

Typical Rover though, Electric Sunroof and wind up windows!

I love the K Series engines, but they do tend to be unreliable if mistreated. If you keep them well oiled and watered you can thrash them around with very few problems.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2002

23rd May 2003, 16:30

I had a similar problem myself, turned out to be a faulty thermostat not opening flow to the radiator. To check it has failed before pulling things apart, compare the temperature at the top and bottom of the radiator, the top will be very hot, but the bottom will be nearly stone cold.

Hope this helps

9th Aug 2004, 11:13

You say you love the k series rover engine, but the 1.6l Honda engines in this car are way better, in that they are so much more reliable and generate an incredible level of power for a 1.6 (130bhp from the twin cam)!!

1991 Rover - Austin 200 214 SLI 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Cracking car for price, under-rated


Engine sometimes has a few electrical gremlins.

Rust is now taking over the front wheel arches (but that is really to be expected at this age).

General Comments:

Headlamps seem to be very poor.

Seats are very very comfortable and the fake wood trim still looks nice compared to the black plastic in my parents cars.

Engine has some serious performance for a 1.4 and can really be red-lined anytime.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

1991 Rover - Austin 200 214Si 1.4 from Greece


If you treat it well, it will be nice to you


Catalyst died during the first month.

1 valve failure on 15000kms.

Constant water leakage.

Oil burning since 70000Kms.

Power steering system replaced at 90000.

Gearbox replaced at 112000.

Clutches don't last more than 10000 km.

Replaced 3 batteries.

Speedometer died.

Lots of noises coming from the trunk.

Cine-blocks replaced.

Coolant system replaced.

Want more?

General Comments:

Pretty fast, low consumption, roomy for passenger and object transportation.

Although it seems like it has not been reliable, considering how me and my family treated it (3 different drivers, 2 teenagers), I could tell that it lasted too long. I added Motor Cote in the engine and it turned into a 1.6L with improved horsepower, torque, less noise and more economic.

Oil consumption is quite a boring task to deal with.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2002

1991 Rover - Austin 200 GTi Twin Cam 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A pocket rocket with attitude!


Rear suspenion bushes needed replacing for MOT.

Leak in the boot which I cannot seem to find.

General Comments:

The car is VERY quick once you get it over 4500rpm. Below that however and there is not a lot of power.

Basically this car is a five seater Go Kart, with electric windows, mirrors, sunroof and power steering. What more could you want!

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Review Date: 25th September, 2001

1991 Rover - Austin 200 214si 1.4i 16v from UK and Ireland


Reliable, economical, quick, cheap, what more can you ask?


Cam belt swap when I first got it (always a good idea as a precaution).

Routine stuff like exhaust, clutch, tyres.

Leaky coolant hose.

General Comments:

This really has been a great car so far. I've had it for five years with virtually no trouble at all.

For a 1.4 litre engine the performance is excellent, and fuel economy is good, even when you're being a bit heavy with your right foot.

Handling is also good, the suspension is great, forgiving handling with plenty of grip and not too much understeer.

Ride quality is much better than some newer cars like the Astra or the Megane.

Looks pretty nice too, I think, though perhaps beginning to look a little dated?

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2001