1995 Rover - Austin 600 620 Si 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A great bargain


Head light bulbs blew at 103000 miles

Driver side window motor failed at 101000 miles (replaced for £180 +labour)

Cigarette Lighter don't work (not bothered about it anyway cause I don't smoke).

Just noticed a new problem, when I am driving too slow in traffic or when the car is stopped and the ignition is on, the temparature goes high above the red-line, but once the car is moving it goes back to normal.(I guess its time to replace the radiator)

General Comments:

Acceleration is good and the car is stable at high speed (and I mean high speed 100+). But too much engine noise and wind noise get into the cabin.

Cabin is nice, roomy and simple. Ride is good and comfortable. Very nice car to drive and to ride in.

Though the insurance is a bit high for me (I am 21 and I know I would get similar quotes for any other 2 litre car) and I get around 23-27 mpg in town and 38+ in motorway, Overall I guess its around 32-37 mpg.

I've owned this car for a year now and I only had to go to the garage once (for the window motor)

Overall the car is very nice, its fast, comfortable and reliable. I enjoy driving it everyday. And considering the price I've paid for it it's a great bargain.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

1995 Rover - Austin 600 Si 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A very comfortable motorway burner


Headlamp and sidelight bulbs blown recently.

Electric aerial only rises halfway.

General Comments:

I bought the car after my Rover 420 died.

I needed a car that was OK for motorway driving.

A very comfortable car, it fits the bill perfectly.

Although it is not suited for rough roads. The rear suspension really gets caught out on potholes.

Fuel economy is quite reasonable, about 30mpg (averaging about 85 mph) dropping to about 23 mpg around town.

Performance-wise, the car is not bad. The engine revs freely, but the car feels very heavy. If you're cruising at 85 mph, it seems to need a lot of throttle to maintain the speed uphill.

Having said that, I was impressed at the power available at 100 mph (just over 4000 rpm).It's nicely 'on the cam' and the car accelerates as opposed to building up speed.

The best thing about the car is the engine. Although not as good as the rover 2 litre performance-wise, it just feels bomb-proof. I had nothing but trouble with my 420 engine, but this one uses next to no oil and feels good for another 50000 miles.

I don't like the horrible beige interior, but that's a personal thing.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2004

1995 Rover - Austin 600 620Si 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Loads of car for little money!


Same as every other Rover according to everyone I spoke to: Dirver's side window motor went and took months of phoning around to find a second hand one.

Radiator leaked and caused overheating, but was easily fixed with rad-weld and has been fine since.

General Comments:

As for value for money, this car is unbeatable. Is has everything, but air-con. Can be picked up for as little as £1000 in good condition with FSH. Honda engines are unbreakable and mileage didn't put me off. Still drives like a new car.

Looks good and sounds great from quiet tick-over at 700rpm to redline purr at 6 000 rpm. Very comfortable and extremely reliable. No complaints with performance either 0-60 just below 9 seconds and top end of 132mph. Insurance is reasonable at group 11.

Only complaint is not much legroom for passengers in back, considering the size of the car.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2003

15th Apr 2005, 07:18


I too, have had a 620si and agree with the points written. I paid £1600 about two years or so ago, and it has had a new window motor fitted. WD-40 down the channels regularly, reduces drag and judder when wet. Very quiet and as you say, drives like new.

The radiator has just sprung a leak, haven't tried radweld yet, but should do the job. Performance times are as you say, but very poor acceleration at around 70-90 though gets better further up the scale. Drivers mirror linkage broke!

There is a light tick-tick-tick coming from the nearside left after it's been standing a week or two. Haven't sussed it yet (not a nail in the tyre!).

Lot of car for the money good handling on fast bends, but left front wheel locks easily in the wet and makes it a devil to stop. Keep GOOD distance from the guy in front in the wet to compensate... as one does. Who can suggest a place for a Rad. if this one is unrepairable. Love to know.