1996 Rover - Austin 600 Ti turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


A very under rated machine!


Well I can see that people have mixed views about their Ti's. I have had mine 7 months and I bought it with 115,000 on the clock! Had no problems for a few months - this is a very fast and stable car, N-reg!

My window dropped on the driver's side and after driving a bit to hard I blew the diff seal and needed a gearBox! Recon 400.00 plus a clutch.

Still I like this car a lot - it doesn't attract idiots - and I can get out of the way of almost anything!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2001

26th Aug 2004, 15:59

I agree this car is very underrated.

My friend straight-line raced a stock 620ti against a Porsche 911 of the same age and the rover drew with it. (we didn't have any accurate timing, just a guy watching)

1st Sep 2008, 14:55

I have to give you guys a funny story...

The 620Ti is very common in Denmark and the people driving it are usually mature and sensible. Now, a couple of times I've stopped at a stop light and a 620Ti has roiled up beside me, wanting to race me. Oh by the way I own a "Acura Legend LS Coupe" with type2 engine and 6-speed manual transmission from 1994. Well, back to the story, I hate doing show offs in my car and I think it's stupid to be driving that fast in town, so the only times I've raced against 620Ti's is when stopped at a stoplight just before hitting the entrance to a highway.

OK, everytime I have completely wasted them in their attempt to surprise me and no Rover has ever won in these quick take offs. On the highway they try as well and I can easily take them out there.


My own father owns a rover 620Ti so I know how owner's of this car think they can surprise everybody, but ha ha ha...

It's so funny to waste them...

It's a quick car though and you're right, it can take most lower level BMW's and other cars like that.

I don't think it's a very reliable car and the rover parts in it, is poor. The only really good thing about this car is the speed... Indeed it is surprising to people who don't know this car.

1996 Rover - Austin 600 620i 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A versatile, fun alternative to a BMW


Just minor things, like the interior light fuse, the cigarette lighter and the rubber seal on the passenger side kept getting trapped by the window.

I crashed it into another car - low speed, and mangled this guy's bonnet. The only damage to the Rover was that the left hand intake had popped out. One push fixed it!

General Comments:

This is my first car after ten years of solely sports bike riding, and I found it glides along smoothly, in a hushed atmosphere. The ride quality is second to none in my experience (as I haven't owned any other cars...).

When required, drop a gear and floor it. The acceleration is certainly more than adequate, but I found that this style of driving meant that the petrol gauge fell as quickly as the tacho rose.

Niggly things are the lack of a rear wiper, the different length wiper blades, that just seem to be out of stock in every petrol station in this land, the front seats as I slip about and end up sitting squinty, and lastly the first and second gear.

First can be a nightmare to notch in there and from first to second can be jerky, but it more than makes up for it with the rampant acceleration in these two.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2000

14th Apr 2005, 07:25

I also have a rover 620si, but its automatic. Although a great looking car and extremely comfortable the automatic box is very slow and has put me off the automatic version. However the manual version which I had before is perfect.