1993 Rover - Austin 800 827Si 2.7lt from Switzerland


Best value for money


Until now, no problem with the car.

General Comments:

In order to save some money I decided to sell my Audi A6 1999 and buy a cheap car.

I found a Rover 827 with 131000 km and built in 1993. The condition of the car and its price was very interesting, so I decided to buy it, although I know about the bad image which Rover Cars have in terms of quality and reliability.

The more I drive the car, the more I like it, even the automatic transmission is sometime not very smooth, compared with the Audi A6 1998 which I had before, but does the job.

Also I remark some noises coming from deformations in the structure when driving over bad roads. Structure seems not very rigid.

The interior is just in perfect condition after 9 years and with more than 130000 km! Leather of the seats looks as if new.

A comfortable car, best value for money. (I got it for only 4500 Swiss Francs!, all options included).

If you want a comfortable car and don't matter about little old-fashioned design, then this car is best for money.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

18th Mar 2008, 17:15

This car has a Honda engine which, as long as it's serviced correctly, will comfortably pass 200,000 miles (320,000 kms) and still deliver all its power smoothly. It's a great engine.

The quality of the 800 was variable. If you get a good one (and it sounds like you did), it will be a good, reliable car. Get a bad one though and it will be a nightmare.

I ran a 1996 820 Vitesse Sport (2.0 turbo) as a company car which did 150,000 miles (240,000 kms) and apart from a slight appetite for engine oil, drove beautifully. Apart from a gearbox failure in its first year, and a problem with the dash top peeling away towards the end, it was 100% fault free. Even the clutch was original and still didn't slip or judder.

1993 Rover - Austin 800 820i 2.0i-16v from Netherlands


Big car for small money


I had to replace the radiator because it was really gone. Three oil leaks were found, but these are minor (and very expensive to repair), so there's no hurry there. The powered window at the driver's site something refuses to close, but this happens mostly when it's warm (no problem this Summer!).

General Comments:

I first was looking for a cheap Volvo 940, but then I found a real cheap, big and well-maintained car...

This Rover is not sophisticated, but drives really nice. Although it would be good if the engine made a little less noise on the motorway.

Furthermore spacious, fast, exclusive (only four other Rover 800s in my town), good looking and reliable. The yearly APK (MOT) was no problem. No repairs there.

Although not as nice as my brother's Rover P5 3.0, I'm really happy to own this Rover.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2002

30th Oct 2002, 15:05

I had 2 of these over 5 years from new.

To say they were unreliable is to be kind but I had to accept them as company cars.

Burst head gasket, electric windows failed at least 10 times, clutch went, exhaust went, engine kept flooding when started, trim squeaked. Alloy wheels corroded to hubs and could not be moved.

All in all the most unreliable cars I have ever driven. Big and roomy, but unable to go round S bends without making you sick!

Absolutely horrible.


1993 Rover - Austin 800 820i 2.0i-16v from Netherlands


A cheap long distance limousine


Because the car had been parked for more than five months, the radiator had to be replaced.

The powered window on the driver's side wasn't working smoothly anymore. This is repaired now.

A minor oil leak is discovered and this will be repaired during MOT/APK.

General Comments:

I'm very positive about the space in this car.

Engine performance and handling is very good.

I think the engine makes too much noise when accelerating on the motorway. Fuel consumption on the other hand is very modest.

Suspension is not too much of fun on very bad roads. Makes the CD player nervous! On motor ways it's perfect.

Good seats, nice wood trim, full options and elegant looks. Booth space is 100%!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002