1994 Rover - Austin Metro Tahiti Special 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Keep it serviced and it will not let you down.


The rear wheel arches are very rusty. This is common on all Metros.

The back section of the exhaust had to be replace at 37000 miles.

The middle section of the exhaust had to be replaced at 41000 miles.

General Comments:

The reliability of this car is fantastic. Not once has it let me down. Even on a cold morning, it started every time.

In my opinion the Rover Metro is like a go-kart. Even with a 1.1 it was very nippy and pulling away from traffic lights it could beat most other cars.

People would say it is a very small car. Well they use to say it was a small car until I managed to get a flat-packed double bed in the boot with the rear seats down.

Over the last couple of years that I have had this car, it has never let me down. I would go out and by another Rover Metro any day.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2005

1994 Rover - Austin Metro GTi 1.4 16v Multipoint from UK and Ireland


Powerful engine and highly understated!


Radiator fins are wearing away. Car is 10 years old so shouldn't complain.

Minor rust on Rear wheel arch, very common!

Radius arms are going, again very common!

General Comments:

Poor build quality and few safety features. It's not a car that you want to have an accident in!

Steering wheel and dash rattle like hell after 80 mph, but that's half the fun with this car and you feel involved about every part of driving it!

It has very quick pick-up in both 1st and 2rd gear, wheel spinning is possible in 2rd as long as those revs are high.

Had no problems seeing off a 106 GTI who eventually overtook me around a totally blind bend on a busy road, nearly killing himself. Idiot. However, I can understand his frustration, the metro's pace surprised me to!

Not as quick as the VTS, as you need to rev it hard to get the best out of it. Anyway 103 BHP in a small shell gives alot of power to weight. Excellent pull in every gear, seems to want to go faster and faster.

Brakes are good, but could be better.

Steering and handling are good, if far to heavy, this will almost certainly be because I have gone from power steering to NON. Steering in car parks and small spaces is like having a work-out, the clutch is heavy and offers good muscle tone for calf muscles located below back of knee. Steering lightens massiveley after 5 - 10 mph.

The multipoint Injection is faster, considerably, than the single point. Look for 7 cross-spoke on the MPI, also 1991 onwards.

Good gearbox, needs to be shown who is boss!

Suspension is very firm, could be better with springs rather than hydrogas, this would be more forgiving when you dont want a stressfull journey!

Piper-cross Induction gives a sporty note and offers minimal power gains.

Finally - This car is understated, it offers excellent hatchback credential for a dated car (1994) and a even a part-time enthusiast can see where Honda have played their part in the engine design. Be prepared to be shocked, I thought I knew my cars, but the Metro GTI has hidden well from better reports and reviews.

Highly tunable and very reliable K-series engine, just give it a service now-and-then and it won't fail you.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

4th Dec 2004, 04:00

Honda had nothing to do with the K-series. It was developed by a small group of British engineers.

28th Dec 2004, 08:55

Everyone knows the k series is a Honda engine!!

8th Mar 2005, 16:45

I own a 1.1l metro and I cannot get enough of the car, well the engine at least, it takes everything I throw at it and gives you more back in performance than you would expect for a 1.1 its had a few minor engine tweaks in particular the carburettor, mixture and timing and the induction flow. It's only a pity that the bodywork is suffering, but on a better note about the body, taking the rear seats and all rear interior trim out helps it's cornering massively. Otherwise if I wasn't looking for safer car I would definitely move on to a Gta.