2005 SAAB 9-3 Linear 1.9 TiD turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great economy, love it to bits


About two years ago the fan started squeaking at low speed.

Two weeks ago it stopped, but seems to be fine again now.

Replaced the brake discs and pads 3000 miles ago.

Clutch will need doing soon

Routine servicing (every 18,000 miles!!).

General Comments:

My other half says it "hurries up" when you want it to!

Ours is the 120bhp with 8 valve Fiat 1.9 JTD lump. We do good mileage where we are in Cork, and the SAAB (my 2nd and I currently have 2) is bullet proof and well designed for the rural setting we live in.

Eats motorway miles for breakfast.

Being really persnickety, I don't like the radio, but it was bought for my other half to use more than me. Wish this model had cruise control. We have a life time average of 52.5 MPG, so no complaints!

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Review Date: 28th November, 2012

2005 SAAB 9-3 Sport 1.8 TDi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Overpriced, expensive to own, and unreliable


Warning sensor unit, water pump (resulting in belt damage and complete engine failure), alternator, clutch, electronic indicators.

General Comments:

Although Saab has a good reputation, my 2005 9-3 was an expensive disappointment. I have got rid of a 5 year old model as I cannot afford to keep shelling out for expensive repairs - cost per mile therefore very high, and residual value very poor.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2010

2005 SAAB 9-3 1.9 TiD turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Need to try harder to make a good saloon!


Gearbox broke at 53k.

Electronics started to give wrong indication (faulty lights, when everything is fine).

General Comments:

Saab 93 was a marked improvement on my old 900: the suspension was a lot better, feedback to steering wheel was less, although still too strong, compared to other makes of similar level. However, it is way too noisy for a modern diesel. It is incomparable with VW or BMW on the level of noise inside the saloon.

However, when my gearbox went at 53k, this really is not on! This doesn't happen that frequently, but Saab would not come forward with any help to replace the gearbox. Is this their expectation of the quality of their cars?!!!

Thanks, but I will not be buying another one ever again!

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2009

2005 SAAB 9-3 Linear 2.0 turbo from North America


Saab is a great little car..


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I'm new to driving a Saab, but in the past few weeks I have a new found love for that car. I see a lot of people downing Saab as I did until I test drove mine : test drive one that's not a lemon, then you tell me the up and downs. I think you will find a Saab in your future too.

Cute car with balls and luxury great combo...I will never buy American again after this experience with Saab...

Saab, thank you for getting this one right....

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Review Date: 25th June, 2009

25th Jun 2009, 13:23

A lot of people downing Saab because many of them are not original Saab owners. The problem with used Saab is that some are going to be abuse by their previous owners, and the unlucky new owner end up paying for all the replacements necessary for the maintenance of Saab performance. Even worse, car that is wrote off as junk came back again on used car lot after cosmetic work. If my last Saab new owner knows how often I drove my Saab at 120+ mph, he wouldn't have bought it from me, but at least I sent my car for service and have parts changed according to the service plan. Real Saab owner knows all long Saab is a great car, until you need a chauffeur.

2005 SAAB 9-3 Aero 2.0 turbo from North America


This car is bittersweet


At 44,000 miles, rattle under car. Turned out to be loose bolt by catalytic converter.

Also, rattle in the dashboard right above the fuel gauge. Fixed by inserting a missing screw (according to Saab technician).

At 48,000 miles, my car key malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. After putting into ignition, the car wouldn't start and a message on dashboard indicated that there was a key malfunction.

At 53,000 miles, the car key would not open doors and all you could hear is a click when pressing the lock or unlock buttons. Luckily I had a second key, and am currently taking back to Saab dealer for replacement.

Also at 53,000 miles, a whirring sound is coming from the front of the passenger side. The sound occurs when the car is stationary when the clutch is pressed and a little gas is given. Also occurs when car is in motion at a steady speed when the gas pedal is held constant. Unknown cause as of yet.

General Comments:

Performance is outstanding, especially at higher speeds.

Car will not sway in heavy wind, connects with the road.

Extremely comfortable ride, the seat is supports you and can be moved in virtually any direction.

Gas mileage is acceptable for a car with a turbo and over 200 horse power.

Miscellaneous rattles are irritating, from the dashboard, doors and under body.

Infotainment could be easier to use and do a better job remembering your last setting. For example, if I switch to AUX to use my MP3 player, the next time the car is turned on it defaults back to the radio.

Car keys are unusually large and also unreliable. Always carry both keys just in case.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2009