27th Nov 2005, 12:17

After reading many of the comments here, it seems obvious to me that SAABs are like American cars - inconsistent quality. As long as I can remember growing up in America, I always heard stories of people both condemning and praising to the heavens the same exact car model. You just have to "luck out" to get a good one. And that, of course, is unacceptable.

The Japanese have proven that quality and luxury are not and should not be mutually exclusive. Why can't SAAB follow this? SAABs are brilliant "concepts" and should be big sellers, but their crapshoot quality combined with GM's lack of interest is killing the brand. And it is highly ironic the best selling SAAB in America is a rebadged Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV.

I lease cars for business (2 - 3 years at a time), but even for that short duration I refuse to put up with rattles and visiting the dealer every other week. And I am in the precise target market for SAAB.

Unless some radical changes take place in the next few years, SAAB is going to disappear and that is a true shame.

22nd Apr 2006, 11:04

I like my 2005 SAAB 9-3. I am also a driver that doesn't care much about the radio. However, even my deaf ears notice that the radio isn't very good. Looking back in the internet, people were complaining in 2003 about the stereo. The 2006 model has the same lousy stereo. Couldn't they at least offer an optional radio with improved speakers. It's not that hard. It's not like we are asking for a complete redesign or asking for 4 wheel steering or a rocket launcher hidden under the license plate/number plate.

30th Jul 2010, 18:06

Hmm... Well to add my bit. 1.9 Tid 150bhp Vector Sport.

The car is an absolute nightmare. Poorly built car, Fiat sourced engine, excellent but flawed (just google the same engine in Vauxhall's, Alfa Romeo's and you'll see what I mean)

When I first test drove it, the torque and sustained power (no turbo lag, no drop off of power from turbo at 2500rpms like the VW TDI's) and the overall look of the car was excellent, though admittedly the plastics did look cheap... but you get over that when you see the overall quality of the seats, carpets, leathers etc.

A month later, I noticed the torque was disappearing, and it began to stutter/judder every time the turbo came on at mild appliance of the pedal... the car's dust particulate filter got clogged, needed replacing at over £1000 from Saab! And that's just the DPF alone, labour etc extra...

After I replaced this, the car is now again in 'limp mode' after blasting smoke all over the carriage way, and I find yet again the car is in the garage as the EGR is now gone!

Saab almost died earlier this year when GM tried to sell the firm that THEY destroyed (can American companies EVER build quality cars? If so, can they stop raping the quality of European cars when they purchase them... Mercedes for one, Saab for second!)

Do not buy this car!!!

30th Jan 2012, 13:42

I got 2006 Vector Sport, and agree with terrible road noise and crap stereo... I paid 29,000 new... Wish I had bought an Audi.