2000 SAAB 9-5 SE 3.0 V6 from North America




Timing Belt at 120,000 kms. Standard for most cars...

O2 Sensor unsure at what kms.

General Comments:

Saab are known to be finicky, but if well cared for and maintained will last for many years and will provide a fast, comfortable, reliable vehicle.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2008

2000 SAAB 9-5 Sedan 2.3t from North America


Excellent blend of performance and aesthetics, least reliable car I've ever owned


Vibrates at idle.

Turbo blew.

DI cassette.

Every major system has leaks.

Sludge almost destroyed engine.

Shocks and springs dead.

PVC valve.

Timing belt.

Mysterious electrical faults.

CEL with a mind of its own.

General Comments:

This car is quite unusual. I've never willingly put so much money into a car to keep it running.

I love driving the car, I love being in the car, I love the stereo, the steering, the performance, the leather, as well as every quirky option the designers threw in it. There is something special about this car, for sure.

Otherwise, it is constantly in the shop. Every time you go in the shop, expect to shell out around $600 and to have something that costs around $400 to break a few days later - this is my experience so far.

I'd say, on average, I get a good 10 days of driving before another failure.

Obviously, the car just hit 100,000, but the dealer showed me that the car had a good repair history. Needless to say, these are not reliable cars.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008

22nd Mar 2009, 10:33

This is a follow up on my original review. I haven't had any major faults in about 6 months after spending thousands and thousands on repairs after the 100K mark. I will say, the car still runs like crap. The last time I took it to the dealer, it was to fix the vibrations when in drive, and after $2500, nothing changed at all. it was no better.

I do not feel any joy when getting in the car. All I know is that it will be impossible to sell.

2000 SAAB 9-5 Aero 2.3T from North America


Fast, fun, comfortable, but not for the meek


ABS unit failed 6 months ago. Rebuilt the unit for $200, rebuilt unit failed last week, re-manufacturer is replacing the unit.

Auto gearbox selector switch failed (cause gearbox light to go off, and car went into limp home mode). Purchased and installed new selector switch for $250. Problem solved.

Automatic climate control system had a blend fan shaft break... I used the modified/updated design and repaired it for about $150.

Temperature gauge read erratically and threw a temp sensor code. Installed a new thermostat for $15 and problem solved.

PCV update installed to cure heavy (even for a turbo car) oil consumption.

General Comments:

The 9-5 Aero is one seriously under-appreciated car. Relatively high maintenance, but solid, safe and fast.

People who don't know anything about car maintenance should steer clear. This car requires that you check the oil frequently, service it on the dot with quality products (like full synthetic oil), and know what you're doing when it comes to looking at and solving issues.

I do my own work and have an OBDII scan/laptop tool that allows me to read codes and diagnose problems.

My older '99 and '87 Saabs were somewhat more reliable, and definitely cheaper to fix.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

2000 SAAB 9-5 Wagon 2.3 four cylinder from North America


Comfortable, but BUYER BEWARE


Within one week of purchasing from a used car dealer, the muffler had to be replaced ($398 + $75 installation)

Within one week of purchase, the valve cover gasket had to be replaced. ($40.90 + $75 installation.

Within one week of purchase, the driver window fell to the bottom of the door. ($160)

Within one week of purchase, stabilizer links needed replaced ($94 + $37.50 installation)

Within one week of purchase, belt tensioner needed replaced ($149.80 + $75 installation)

Within one week of purchase, the CHECK ENGINE light came on; an emissions problem. ($60 for diagnostic check and re-set)

This week the CHECK ENGINE light has again come on. Can't afford to take off any more work to service it; can't afford to service it if I did have the time!

General Comments:

Be very careful in buying a used Saab; this appeared to be well cared for, but $1104. in the first week of ownership?

I'm trying to get the dealer to buy it back from me, plus pay for all the work done.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2007

18th Nov 2007, 14:05

Sorry to say, but it seems that you just got screwed by the dealer; that's all.