1991 SAAB 900 from North America


High quality, comfortable, nice to drive


I have had to replace the clutch, several ball joints, the exhaust system, and and most expensive was the transmission which was rebuilt when it became noisy.

General Comments:

I have the 4-door variety, and the hatchback would be a more practical choice for carrying large items.

It is an incredibly solid, well built car.

When I give it a good cleaning it looks practically new.

It was always well cared for, and that helps. These cars become very expensive to own very quickly when the regular maintenance has been neglected.

The seats are very comfortable and the visibility is outstanding.

The car handles and rides quite well, and is great on snow.

Four adults fit inside quite comfortably.

The power is adequate.

The ergonomics of the major controls are outstanding. Radio, climate controls, ashtray, shifter, etc. are all easy to see and very close to the steering wheel. I can change stations and adjust the volume on the radio and adjust the heat/AC without taking my hand completely off the steering wheel. No other car I have driven has these controls so well laid out.

The Shifter is a little vague and the reverse lock-out needs to be adjusted regularly. I have learned to find 5th gear without the spring and I don't bother getting the reverse lock adjusted anymore.

The heated seats still work and are great to have.

The trunk is adequate, but as said earlier, the hatchback models are better for large/bulky items.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

1991 SAAB 900 S 2.1 Liter from North America


My Reliable 'Swedish-mobile'


When I bought the car, it needed:

Front passenger side boot was broken and needed a new axle.

New motor mounts.

Upper control arm bushings on the passenger side needed replacing.

New tie-rod ends were required.

New alternator.

A light bulb or two needed replacing.

Since fixed, absolutely nothing has gone wrong.

Although when you shut the car off for a while to go into a store and when you come out to restart it and go, there will be a lot of hesitating when you accelerate with a kind of exhaust smell and the engine would race slightly. I notice this would happen mostly on nicer Spring like days and when the car is still warm. Anyone know what this could be?

General Comments:

This car was babied by the previous owner and it shows. Aside from the usual road scars, the body and interior are clean.

The one thing I love most is the perfect visibility. There are no blindspots to speak of.

This is a rock solid car and I feel very safe and secure driving in it. Doors shut with a reassuring click.

All the little luxuries still work (love the heated driver's seat in the Winter and that sunroof on nicer days).

Seats are very comfortable even on long trips.

I love the fact that it's virtually impossible to lock your keys in this car.

Also that the lights turn off automatically when you shut the car off and they cannot be turned on until you start the car.

She starts up with no problem in every type of weather no matter what.

This car feels like it hugs the road. Very pleasant ride most of the time.

Car can be a little quirky & moody on certain days, but aren't we all?

No cup holders, but whatever. That will prevent me from drinking and making a potential mess.

Also love the location of the ignition. But just fearful regarding the cost of fixing something so out of the ordinary.

Don't like the fact that if the fan starts going right when you shut the car off, it will keep going for several minutes. I now wait for the fan to stop before I shut down.

I do really detest the high costs of repairs. Not so much the actual parts being expensive, but things can be very difficult to get to which means more $$$ in labor.

I bought this car used for $1500 and has over 150,000 miles on it and runs like a champ. No signs of this car giving up. I have read that the 900's can exceed 300,000 miles. WOW!

Was very unsure if I made the right choice by purchasing a foreign car at first, let alone a SAAB. But after fixing what needed to be done, I am very happy with my 'Swedish-mobile'. All the little quirks are forgivable. Yes, even the high cost of maintenance. Like any car, you treat it right and it will do good by you...

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2005