1991 SAAB 900 900s Convertible 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Would not part with it


Head gasket blew two weeks after purchase.

Rear section of exhaust fell off after 4 weeks.

Rear window leaked from purchase - dealer made a complete rickets of the repair.

New steering rack at 105000 miles.

Extensive rusting at the bottom of both doors. (Anybody know of any repair kits for the bottom half of doors? I have been told they exist)

Eats brakes and wheel bearings.

General Comments:

Harsh suspension and very average performance.

Forgive it all its faults on a fine day with the hood down!

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

1991 SAAB 900 S 2.1 Liter from North America


Saab is up there with the BIG boys, Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo..


This car has 178,000 miles on it, my mother bought it brand new in 1991, nothing has ever gone wrong with it, I was given the car a few months ago, and just fell in love with it, I've only had to get the coolant flushed, replace a brake light relay, adjust the rear brakes, and that's it, no major mechanical problems to report!

General Comments:

The 900's are great near luxury cars that drive excellent, handle well, and are extremely reliable, not to mention one of the safest cars out there for it's time, and even now. Even for an old body style such as my 1991 900 S, the still shiny black paint looks every bit as classy as when it was new, and the unique body style is as relevant today as it was in 91, The car doesn't look dated at all as far as looks, I would recommend a used Saab to anyone who loves them and is thinking about one.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2003

1991 SAAB 900 from North America


I have only good things to say about this car


Minor electrical problem cost less than $50 to repair.

Power steering fluid return hose replaced at a cost of under $100.

Air conditioning not working for the last two years.

General Comments:

Engine & transmission operate flawlessly. Oil changed every 4000 miles and transmission fluid changed every third oil change. Maintenance cost extremely low. No work ever on the drive train including the engine and transmission.

This car is absolutely great and owes me nothing. It still handles like a dream and feels like it has another 200000 miles left in it.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2003

1991 SAAB 900 i 16v 2 litre from UK and Ireland


A real classic. Fantastic


Exhaust mounting came loose and part of exhaust required replacement.

Drive shaft rubber went, but this involved minimal cost to fix - picked up at service.

General Comments:

Beautiful mechanics, smooth drive, safe feel. Comfortable and quick on the motorway.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

1991 SAAB 900 S turbo from North America


Offers a classy ride if well maintained ($$$)


I recently just fixed CV joint and ball joints.

The tape player would work, but the radio wouldn't. You had to make a choice. I was fortunate though to find a perfect replacement on E-Bay for $15.

The hoses under the hood needed electrical tape assistance at 140,000 miles.

Speedometer cable broke at 130,000 miles.

SRS light just came on the other day which is a dealer project. In the car's youth, the light was on all the time. It's believed to be an electrical short. Same with the dome light right near the ignition. It's sometimes hard to make come on when you want it to.

General Comments:

This car handles like it's on rails.

I trust this car with my life and feel very safe when driving it.

It is an expensive car to drive and maintain, but I come from a Saab family where these cars are known to last forever. It just depends how much money you want to put into them.

It runs much better (as in better mileage and more turbo power) when given premium gasoline.

In it's earlier days I had this car past the 125 mph maximum it says it can perform. It wanted to fly.

Heated seats work wonderfully.

You can fit a refrigerator or even a good sized Christmas tree in the trunk when seats are down. It's a perfect college student car for going back and forth between home and school.

Even though it is an expense to drive this car, I plan on keeping mine for as long as I can afford to!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003

10th Mar 2006, 19:09

I believe the 900s has no turbocharger.

13th Jan 2010, 06:13

I have a 1991 Saab 900S Turbo sedan.