1991 SAAB 900 Convertible turbo from North America


A beautiful yet costly luxury - I can hardly afford it, but I can't live without it!


I have gone through three starters due to the ignition switch sticking. The center console floor location of the switch is a very bad location (especially for a convertible). Three or four keys have broken off in the keyhole, and I've gotten a new ignition switch.

I've had problems with oil leaks and anti-freeze dripping on my feet.

The reverse gear went at 100,000 miles and I got quoted over and over again a cost of $4,000 for a new transmission from area SAAB dealers.

My convertible top disintegrated within three months into tattered, flapping bits of old cloth. It cost me $1,600 for a good-quality new and installation. Yikes.

This car appears to eat tires and brakes, but it may be just the way I drive.

General Comments:

The one thing that has saved me a lot of money with this car is finding a private repair man. I have to travel about an hour and a half for a service, but I got my reverse gear fixed, ball-joints, brakes, new muffler, oil leaks fixed, anti freeze leak fixed, turbo fixed, filters and belts changed all for under $1700 dollars. This guy is amazing! He lives in a field and only works on SAABs. I think I'll keep him!

If I had known how much money it would cost to keep this car in top shape, I may have waited till I was a bit older (and richer?) to buy it.

This care is beautiful, amazingly fun to drive, and it's my dream car so I plan on keeping it as long as possible.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2001

16th Jun 2002, 12:58

I too have a '91 900 Turbo Convertible.

It currently has 230,000 miles on it. I purchased it with 150,000 miles. Since I've had it, I've put in 2 new transmissions and I'm about to go for a third one since my first gear synchronizer has gone bad in the transmission. I've also had a new convertible top (purchased from the Saab site dot com for about $500 & installed it myself. Took an afternoon to do it. I agree that the car is constantly down for repair (about 2 weekends/month). But I can't live without it!

Saab dealers are thieves for parts / labor. I recommend finding a good Saab mechanic BEFORE buying a used Saab. Unless of course you're very handy & have lots of tools!

14th Nov 2002, 13:30

I just purchased an 88 saab in beautifiul shape except the reverse is going... any suggestions..



26th Aug 2004, 05:58

I too have a 1991 SAAB 900S (Automatic) Convert... I purchased the car when it was 5 years old from the original owner. I now have about 100,000 miles, the following are the few problems I continue to experience:

Fuel tank leaks vapor into car (replaced tank 2X) Electrical system always has problems battery constantly going dead, My new problem is car is very hard to start, but once it start it runs fine, local mechanic feels it might be the distributor seals? Just a shot in the dark I think, can anyone comment Thanks.

1st Sep 2004, 08:44

For some of the troubles you have, check this link: http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com/1990-to-1993-saab-900-turbo.htm

1991 SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible from North America


Stylish beauty, needs constant attention


Head gasket at 150,000 miles.

Entire AC system over five years.


General Comments:

This car nickels and dimes me for $1500 to $2000 every year. It's a great looking car and no finer convertible is made. It is a very low performance vehicle: the turbo is sluggish.

The car has never broken down but needs some attention every couple of months. The car has 200,000 and still runs strong. The bottom end of these engines last forever. I am still on the original turbo.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2000

8th Dec 2002, 10:08

The main problem for bad performance is the 3 speed automatic transmission.

The 5 speed models are very quick!

14th Nov 2004, 09:51

Why would you buy an automatic in the first place?

1991 SAAB 900 S 16V 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Car was high mileage (98,000) when bought and needed gearbox pinion bearings seeing to - not a cheap job at £600 by a SAAB specialist.

Needed a set of plug leads - £37.

General Comments:

Eats tyres if driven hard but grips the road like no other car I have driven.

A bit underpowered.

Check gearbox doesn't whine!

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Review Date: 23rd May, 1999