1992 SAAB 900 S 2.1 non turbo from North America


Good reliable winter banger that looks pretty decent


Bought the car for $600 in Massachusetts as a "winter car" to drive between Boston and Montreal on a weekly basis. It belonged to a student who did not care for it much (never buy a car that has college stickers on this, students are broke, have no time, are novice drivers etc).

Shortly after I bought the car:

- Had to replace leaky transmission casing

- Replaced radiator

At around 175K:

- Replaced alternator

- Replaced sagging headliner

- Replaced pock-marked windscreen

- Replaced starter

- Replaced wheel bearing

From seats are worn but bought sheep skin seat covers.

General Comments:

This has been a very good car. My wife loves it and it has become her main car. It's a very good winter car and handles very well. Gas mileage is OK (+-28 MPG). Beware of "performance" air filters that cause gas guzzling gas in very cold weather. Would enjoy a bit more gusto that comes with the turbo (we have a 94 convertible turbo that we drive in summer only) but it's good enough to get around town.

Car gets lot of positive comments. I like the look of it, somewhat close to the Citroen DS :)

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Review Date: 19th January, 2009

1992 SAAB 900 S Hatchback L4 2.1 Liter from North America


If you find one in good condition, don’t think twice, BUY IT, you will never regretted


Front and rear rotors and pads at 100000 miles.

Change Alternator at 106000 miles.

Sunroof stoped working at 106000 miles.

General Comments:

How I found this jewel...

I was looking for this model for the last 6 years. I found mine at a small car dealer here in South Florida. The original first and only owner give it in trade in because his 20-year-old son did not want it any more. BAAAAD MISTAKE!!! The car was absolutely in PERFECT condition, paint and interiors were intact, and engine was smooth and running like new. The dealer was asking 2,500 for it because apparently the car doesn’t have too much demand in south Florida and was there for almost a year. The dealer was asking $2,600 for it, which was a very low price for the conditions of the vehicle, I drove it home that same night for $2000 flat out the door price including taxes. That’s the first thing to your favor if you are looking for the classic 900, regularly they are very underestimate vehicle in America and therefore, not expensive!!

Mechanics, care and a few tips...

Don’t be afraid of the cost of the parts! At least here in the United States places like Advance Auto Parts or Auto Zone have all the replacement parts at a very good price. If you are a freak of original parts, be my guest, but be prepared to pay a ridiculous amount of money for parts that works as good as the original ones in this model. If you do not know much about mechanics and engines, you can ask any good honest mechanic that you trust and he will tell you there is no difference. Don’t be cheap at all with the maintenance. Buy the best oil, filters, oil and gas treatment, spark plugs etc. Change oil regularly and put good gas in it, the car will pay you back with the best service. Besides, if well maintained, the gas mileage in this car its very good as well, it's a 4 cylinder after all and if you got the turbo even better.

For body and trim parts I got two words for you, JUNKERS and INTERNET. A huge trailer broke the back windshield of mine two weeks ago. I called like 7 different nationwide glass repair stores including Saab South Florida. The prices were between $550 to $700 dollars for the glass only. I kept looking in the local Junkers, I found it and they just asked me for $80 dollars, and the guy who installed just $40 dollars because in SAAB the windshields are not glued, just adjusted and pressured. Other good tip about the 900, the body and trim parts as well as replacement parts for this model from 1980 to 1993 are basically the same, only a few little differences between some years, So again, JUNKERS AND INTERNET WILL SAVE YOU LOT OF MONEY!!!

Final Comment...

If you find a Saab 900 in good condition, 1980 to 1993 (don’t go 94 and up when GM took it over) just buy it!!! It’s a super overall reliable, practical and killer look vehicle, very fun to drive, the euro retro look is very classy and will give you that great feeling of a fine classic car owner. Almost every time you stop for gas or go to a restaurant with your family or girlfriend, you will feel the looks and listen to the nice comments and questions! I am 29 years old and I simply love this vehicle. I’m am looking for other one to send it to Puerto Rico for my daughter mom in order to drive my 4 year old daughter around safely. If you are a parent looking for a good first and save car for your son o daughter, this one is also a very good option, they are heavy well-constructed Cars

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2008