1992 SAAB 900 Basic 2.1 Liter from North America


A sensible sportscar


Clutch replaced at around 140,000 miles (The car was a gift from my parents, and this happened right before I received it. $500, so I was thankful for the good timing).

Master cylinder replaced at around 148k. The internal gaskets went bad, causing it to lose pressure if depressed for more than 30 seconds at a stoplight. Almost left me stranded an hour away from home until I realized this and just left it out of gear at idle. This occurred during the cooler months and home repair was pretty much out of the question, so $170 later, she's back on the road.

Head gasket is beginning to leak, and dripping coolant on the alternator belt which (1) causes a horrendous squeal while the belt slips and, incidentally, (2) prevents the system from charging the battery. This recharging issue was only a problem until I got a new battery, and I have since added gasket sealant to the coolant reservoir (fingers crossed) and the leak seems to have diminished.

Rust is beginning to take its toll, but not too bad for a car with over 150,000 miles on it. Mostly on sides of hood near 'SAAB' logo, bottoms of doors, gas flap; the usual spots. Any pre-'94 saab owner can tell you they all start rusting in the same areas.

General Comments:

On the whole, this has been an excellent vehicle. Great car for a student like myself, and at 17, it's deffinately a step up from most teenagers' cars.

Upon first acquiring the car, I installed a new audio system (MiniDisc player with an a/d/s/ 8" sub-woofer. sounds fantastic, highly recommend the upgrade from the factory setup.) I've neglected to continue with the cosmetic upgrades, such as neon lights and window tint because I don't have any desire to start anything with someone driving a more powerful vehicle, as this car isn't the fastest one on the road. However, for a four cylinder (140 horsepower), I honestly feel that most four cylinder Honda and Nissan drivers would be impressed with the second and third gear accelerration.

Handling is impeccable for the age. It corners like a true sports-car and yet has the versatility of a moving van. The backseat folds down to accommodate just about anything (large TVs, push lawn mowers, etc).

The interior is extremely well designed. The parts are high quality, noise level is low, but that exhaust sound penetrates the cabin at higher RPMs (okay by me), and the heated seats are wonderful. They heat up 5 to 10 minutes before the car gets warm, so they're great on those cold mornings.

Personally, I still believe that they're overpriced. $20,500 is a lot of money for a basic model, especially in 1992. However the reliability, safety, versatility and performance are unmatched in any other good-looking package.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2003

1992 SAAB 900 16v 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


If I buy another car it will be a pre 1993 SAAB 900


Central locking malfunctions in very damp weather, but works fine in the dry.

Driver's seat flip forward lever fell off.

General Comments:

This car is excellent. It is the best car I have driven. Better by far than the other family car, a newer more powerful Audi.

The ride is firm, but it keeps you in touch with the road so well & the seats are great. Handling is excellent & it is great on slippery roads.

I recommend diligent service. Go to an independent Saab expert. My expert is brilliant & so are his prices. I could pay more to run a fiesta as far as service costs go.

The car is quick, partly this is because the gearing is low. It has a lot of low revs torque. But if you drive hard you pay the price in fuel. I get 25mpg.

After 120k miles the engine is still very low on emissions.

The interior of the car looks like new. It is very durable & well styled.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2001

31st Dec 2003, 22:11

I love my 92 Saab 900...224,000 miles and still goin strong. Excellent cars.

5th May 2004, 12:35

I agree, I also love My Saab. I Have a Saab 900 16 valve turbo (1992) and I love it. 114k miles and still looks and works great.

1st Jun 2005, 11:43

I am in full agreement. This is the best car I've ever owned.

I've had my 1992 900SE Automatic for 8 years and it still drives like a dream. Not a glitch.

The seats are the most comfortable I've ever experienced.

SAAB had really got this car right.

This is the epitome of SAAB models.

20th Mar 2006, 18:23

I think I've got the lot of you beaten, mileage-wise: 235,000 and still pulling (not quite so) strong (it isn't a turbo or anything). Fantastic car nonetheless, however. I'll likely buy another when this one meets it's fate.

16th Jul 2011, 17:34

I own a 900XS 1992, Automatic, my second Saab, previously a 99GL.

Not impressed with the quality on this car; serious corrosion on the bonnet, tailgate and doors, plus the silvering on the headlamps have deteriorated. Inside, the headlining has disintegrated.

None of this was apparent on my 99. Standards have slipped, and I wouldn't buy another. By the way, this is a two owner car, with a genuine 22,000 miles and full history.