1992 SAAB 9000 T turbo from North America


High performance Mommy car


Traction Control System had problems, many covered by manufacturer. Took several years to iron out, and car would die "hard" when a new problem arose. This system has saved me from two incidents in which I know I would have crashed otherwise.

AC system had several issues, so I updated it to make current and eliminate freon.

I cracked the block -tried to make it off the freeway when low on coolant, and shouldn't have. Dealer replaced it at N/C, even though it was just out of warranty.

An engine cleaning place blew out my entire computer system (never have anyone except the dealer clean your engine is my advice) and dealer replaced EVERYTHING at n/c, even though they didn't have to.

Just replaced the clutch at 100100miles.

Exhaust system is complicated and expensive to replace!

My driver seats (both) no longer recline (@100000 miles), which is a pain, as it costs $1,200 each to buy a new Electronic Control Module.

General Comments:

I have had fantastic luck with the two dealers I have used to service the car. They have covered things that were outrageously expensive by extending the warranty when they could have tried to wiggle out of it.

This car is really fast - probably the fastest year for the 9000T. I have driven slower Porsches.

The console is neat, kind of like flying an airplane, but you do "feel" the road. IF you don't like to feel a pencil when you drive over it, this is not the car for you. Also, creaks and squeeks a bit, but the sound system is great.

Holds nearly anything. I have hauled full sized file cabinets, trees, furniture, etc. Easy to fold seats down to make room.

Look for the high perfomance tires that make the 9000T handle well at Costco; they can speacial order. You will save hundreds of $.

Whe it breaks down this is usually sudden - no warning. I get towed in for repairs at least once a year. 900T is expensive to repair, but the performance and stylish look of the car keeps me in it.

The dealer tells me that mine is the cleanest and best kept they have ever seen - I detail it regularly to keep it fresh and fun to get into. I will keep it until a new car has more appeal. I drive the new Saabs regularly when I get mine serviced, but so far, mine is still the speediest and most responsive.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003

1992 SAAB 9000 CSE 2.3 from Netherlands


Much better looks and comfort than a BMW/Mercedes/Volvo of the same age for a much better price


In the half year that I have owned this car, only the switch for the central locking on the driver's door has been removed. The indicator on the dashboard indicated that the door was open although it was not. And the central locking didn't work for the first eight times I would try to lock the doors. Now the indicator doesn't work for the driver's door (so what), but the central locking is in perfect order again.

General Comments:

A fast, reliable and very comfortable car.

The car had originally no leather but a blue interior. Not a very nice combination with the Scarab Green exterior so I had it fitted with a second hand black leather set and black door panels for about US$ 600.

The engine is very quiet at high speeds.

The handling could be a bit better, but for not too much money it can be improved by lowering the chassis and fitting 16 or 17" wheels which will be done in the near future.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2001

1992 SAAB 9000 CSE 2.3 turbo from UK and Ireland


Fast, practical, luxurious, solid, reliable, spacious, inexpensive - buy one!


Odd things due to age eg: brake seals, fuel pump, clutch master cylinder and direct ignition.

Dealers are expensive, but there are plenty of backstreet SAAB garages about to radically reduce costs.

General Comments:

It is the 200bhp, full turbo model. Needless to say - it goes like a rocket. Even for a big car, you need strong neck muscles when accelerating. It also has estate car space in the boot.

Not bad on fuel, either. Whether you are in town or on the motorway, this car adapts to the conditions.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2001