30th Dec 2004, 19:36


I have had the same problem for about 3 months now. It is a 9000 CS, non turbo, 1994, 110K. At first it was happening only on 'drive' and if I put on 'neutral' at the traffic light it was fine. Than it went away for a month and now it is back, besides, the car dies even when put on 'neutral'.

I was wondering if you found the solution to your problem. Was it the transmission? My transmission seems to have been repaired before I got the car so could be related.

Thank you.


13th Jan 2005, 15:57

I've got a similar problem on my 1999 manual transmission 9-3. It stalls at idle, and also, everytime I fill it up with gas, it begins to stumble and run very rich for about 30 seconds or so, and then returns to normal. it all started one day when the car began running rich (constantly) and I had the pre-cat O2 sensor replaced. this seemed to fix the rich fuel trim issue, but this is also when it first started to stall at idle, and run very rich after refueling. I have since changed all of my vacuum hoses and the fuel filter, and the problems are still there. I've even done a leak check on the turbo bypass valve and also, cleaned the throttle body and the idle control valve. Since cleaning the latter two parts, I am now periodically setting a high idle DTC code (forgot the exact number). The strange thing about it is when it is stalling, the car is running lean, and when I refuel it is running rich. are the idle stall and refueling issues even related???

26th Feb 2005, 08:53

Sorry to hear your SAAB problems. Whilst SAAB generally have a great reputation for safety, build quality and long lasting engines, there are always a few models or equipment that are problematic.

The symptoms you describe are very similar to a stalling/cutting out problem that we constantly experienced on our 1994 SAAB 900S V6. This problem began from day one. The car was sent 3 times to the main dealer to fix, before being sent to Perth's SAAB specialist, who actually fixed the problem.

The car would cut out after turning the ignition unless you revved the engine for about 10 seconds. You still had to quickly select Drive, else the engine would die on you. The car also cut out in heavy traffic a couple of times. Our SAAB specialist cleaned the Crank Angle Sensor and that seemed to cure the problem. Be prepared to have this done at every service.

21st Feb 2008, 16:10

I also have a SAAB 9-3 2000 Turbo, same issue, stalls while idling normally at a slow speed or stopped, it use to happen once every other month, now it's every other day. If I let it sit then it will restart in about 10 min or so.

18th Mar 2008, 15:51

I also had stall issues, which were never consistant, replaced the crank sensor and they went away.

2nd Apr 2008, 09:18

My 1999 SAAB 9-3 has recently developed the same problems. It stalls out when idling at a stop. I put fuel injector cleaners into the gas tank. I noticed that to prevent stalling out at a red light, I would shift from drive into neutral and rev the engine and then switch back into drive. I have also noticed that on one occasion the engine revved high for no apparent reason but the problem is mostly confined to stalling out. After it stalls out, we are able to start the car with no problems. So far we had new plugs installed and a new gas filter, new vaccum hose, higher octane gas, and cleaned the throttle body. The problem has not been solved. My mechanic is thinking about replacing the crank sensor. It's still a mystery.

27th May 2008, 10:10

I have a 2003 9-3 Turbo with 32K mileage and it is automatic. My problem is when I start the car for the first time it turns over quickly, runs, then when I try to put the gear into drive it chokes and stalls, restart it, stalls. Sometimes I am able to drive a mile or two and when come to my first stop it stalls. If I let the car run for 5-10 minutes its fine. If I try reving the engine it stalls. My mechanic just replaced the throttle body (expensive) and still no change. Any suggestions are appreciated.

26th Jul 2008, 01:57

Stalling Problem & Possible Solutions.

My Wife and I own 2 9000s; a 1994 9000CS normally aspirated 5 speed manual and a 5 speed manual 1996 9000 Aero.

The following may help:

1. THROTTLE BODY: The 1994 has a periodic problem with the throttle body causing stalling, particularly when slowing for a roundabout, turning at a sharp angle. problem can also occur with rain or persistent high humidity. Solution is that throttle body needs cleaning. Initial first aid is a liberal spraying with WD40 or similar on outside of throttle body. I also recommend an annual cleaning of the inside of the throttle body - deposits build up and the clearance are in thousands of inches... Therefore unless clean you will have problems. The 1996 Aero does not have this problem, although I not the throttle body design is different.

2. Air Intake Temperature Sensor: If this fails or is malfunctioning then you will get stalling and erratic engine performance. Sometimes a Check Engine light reading for Oxygen Sensor failure (6 flashes) can also point to an Air intake Temperature Sensor problem, notwithstanding that the Check Engine fault code for an Air Intake Temperature Sensor problem is 3.

3. Oxygen Sensor: On the 1994 a Check Engine fault code of 6 was correct - incidentally you do not have to buy the hugely expensive SAAB original - there are excellent universals available in the $35 - $60 price bracket - Just make sure you match the number of wires coming from the oxygen sensor - usually 3 or 4.

Hope this helps... a comment on 9000's. These are cars that are now at least 10 years out of production. They are cars for enthusiasts... but if you find a good mechanic and/or do much of your own work, then they do not have to be expensive to run. I buy many of my parts for the UK, USA and Australia and am able to keep to running costs down. I recommend buying a copy of the SAAB ETC Parts CD ROM which is regularly sold for very little on eBay. This gives you SAAB factory exploded parts diagrams and matching SAAB parts numbers.

You can have a very productive relationship with a good non-SAAB mechanic if you can source parts for them. Use high quality oil, filters and coolant fluids and you will prevent or significantly delay the onset of problems. My 9000 Aero has now done 366,000km and is still on its original engine and gearbox.

Hope this helps - Murray (from near Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia).

26th Aug 2008, 13:02

I have a 1998 Turbo 900S 5 speed and have been experiencing the same stalling at traffic light problems for several months. Also the same problem after I fill it up and am leaving the gas station. It is now in the Saab garage for the 4th time since May 2008, and so far I have spent $1900 replacing various things - spark plugs twice; idle motor twice; computer once. Why can't my Saab dealer figure this out?