1982 SAAB 99 GL 2.0 from Norway


I used to love it!


The radiator was leaking.

Heating apparatus did not work.

Engine was leaking out oil.

The fourth cylinder had a bad habit of not joining the others.

Some minor electrical trouble.

Changed clutch once.

Changed ball bearings on back wheels.

General Comments:

The car was a total wreck, but yet I loved it.

Comfortable suspension.

Nice handling.

The best front seats available in 1982.

I almost cried when I had to scrap it.

My current 900 doesn't have the same charm.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2002

28th Apr 2005, 08:31

Know exactly how you feel. My 1973 99 was a lovely old girl. She finally gave up the ghost in the mid 1990s and I definitely had "something in my eye" when I said farewell to her. Thought that was it for me and 99s. However, for once, the story has a happy ending. I found a 1984 99 (final year of production) last autumn with 48,000 on the clock, 2 owners, garaged, in lovely nick. I hesitated for all of 1 second before saying, "I'll have it" to the owner. £450 - BARGAIN. "Falling in love again...". What a car.

16th May 2005, 16:44

I used to drive a 900. And if I can find one, then the 99 is the real original to drive.

And preferably one made from 1980 on wards. Apparently those were made in Finland, due to the lines in Goteborg, Sweden being used for the maximum production of the 900, which were a great success in which Saab made a profit every year of production. And those 99 models which were still being produced, were still until 1983 made in Finland. And rumour has it, these models are much more resistant to rust because they have more resilient layers of paint.

From 99 to the old 900 are possibly the most intriguingly ingenious care. The hood alone is not the same as it was. And this, for example, (like the key ignition in the center, in between the passengers seat and the driver, which incidentally has also been disposed of for some reason) is one of those intriguing characteristic parts about the old Saab.

11th Apr 2007, 06:56

I've driven SAAB's for 27 years, changing about every two years and I've driven every model they have made. The 99EMS was probably the quickest thing (non-turbo) they ever did, my first 900 felt like an estate having spent some years in 99's and the 9000 Griffin has to be one of the most comfortable rides of its day. Wonderful, if quirky, cars, but my current 93 Aero convertible still has the ability to 'scare' me with its body-flex at speed. I wouldn't be without one, whatever else I may drive in the future on a daily basis, the SAAB will remain as a 'fun' car and a pleasure to drive.

1981 SAAB 99 GL 2.0 carb from UK and Ireland


Good solid reliable car, underrated


New radiator fitted last year.

General Comments:

I like it, it's unusual, you don't see many around these days. Doesn't look its age.

Good car to drive, comfortable, excellent handling for a big car. Performance good, embarrassed a few XR2 drivers. Fuel economy fine on motorways, but a bit thirsty round town.

Very reliable, always starts first click of the key. No rust after 19 years!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2000