1st Mar 2005, 15:01

Agree mightliy about the Ecotec, but disagree greatly about the 1.9 in the SL2. I just purchased an Ion 3 t replace my 93 SL2 with 122K on the odometer. I kept the car in oil every three months and the only repairs were brakes and struts over 12 years. I found the 93's engine and response to be excellent, and I hope my Ion performs as well.

My daughter drives our 99 SL2. It has 70K and has had one set of rear struts, and two brake jobs and a water pump in 6 years. Once again we keep the engine in oil and while its 1.9 doesn't respond as quickly as the 93 did, it's gotten 39 mpg between NYC and Cape Cod while travelling at highway speed on 95.

7th Mar 2005, 09:52

I have a 97 Saturn SL2 manual, with 170,000 miles. Use oil it does, however the usage does not differ from when it was new. The car runs as well as the day I bought it. It just got its 2nd set of front brakes and a catalytic converter. Other than that everything is original except plugs, wires, tires, and belt. Never had a wheel alignment, struts. Same rear brakes, Clutch still operates like new. This is the most maintenance free car I have ever experienced. I do change the oil religiously every 3K miles.

16th Aug 2005, 22:51

I own a manual 99 SL1 Saturn and is at the shop as we speak (for a second time in 4 months) due to a cracked head cylinder. Four months ago changed the head gasket, but that was not the real problem and spent $1500. Now I am getting a used engine through my extended warranty and will think twice before getting a GM again in the future.

8th Sep 2005, 10:01

My 95 saturn sc2 has 220000 miles on it. It is in its second engine, and still has the original transmission. The transmission just died on me, and the only major mechanical failure the car has ever had with me is that the starter died. All in all the car was a very sound investment and even now, while I look for a new car, I am very pleased with my car.

22nd Sep 2005, 17:03

Like my 05 ION 2. Only two small complaint that I have. One is that the drivers seat belt sticks all the time as I try to put it on. The other is that it gets pushed around in strong winds. I have 7500 miles on it in 4 months and runs like a champ. Way better than the New Yorker I had on gas. Its comfortable and lots of trunk space. Most of my driving in highway at speeds over 70. Handles nice, looks good and fun to drive.

16th Oct 2006, 20:03

What I have owned so Far.

97 Saturn SC2

Very little issues. I sold the car and know it is very close to 200k and still running.

97 Saturn SL2

200k+ miles. I had the Oil leak that most of you are complaining about fixed by a trained mechanic. Saturn will own up to it, but will not fix it for free. It seems that the piston rings have a tendency to align. This causes oil to go straight into the firing chamber. I had that done at 120k when I bought the car. I have put over 100k on the car in 2 years and so far have only needed to change the oil.

2000 L200

90K miles. I bought it at 70K Miles. The only thing I have needed to do with this car so far is change the oil in it.

I hear so many horror stories about Saturn, However I have found my experience to be great. The only time I will ever deal with any dealership on a repair is if the car is still under warranty.

It does not matter what car you buy, dealerships will do everything they can to blame you so they can charge you for the work.