27th Jan 2009, 15:05

I am glad to hear I am not the only one. This "non start" issue has been going on for several winters. I have a 2004 Ion and now grimace every time I try to start this car when the frigid weather turns to cold weather and a little humidity in the air. I really like the idea of cutting the wire in the stirring column. I have been changing batteries every year since 2005. We tried a new switch and starter but it was all a bust. Thanks for the information.

28th Jan 2009, 20:01

I also have had the starting issues on my 04 Saturn Ion. It's just started happening this winter, but lo and behold, it waited until it was 1000 miles over the warranty to start acting up.

The dealership says it's the ignition switch or BCM or both, and want me to pay the $100 to run a diagnostic on it. Well we all know in this day and time it's hard to come by an extra $100 to get it looked at, but you would think there would be some kind of way they could help their buyers out, since it's happening to darn near everyone that owns this car. Is this maybe one of the reasons they stopped making the ION series???

It's frustrating and I feel for everyone that has to deal with this problem!! I will never buy another Saturn product again!!

29th Jan 2009, 20:06

I'm having the intermittent starting problems with a 2004 Saturn Ion as mentioned so many times in this forum. Before I discovered this forum I scheduled an appointment with a local Saturn dealership's service department. Shortly after I perused this forum and decided to call Saturn (1-866-790-5700) and file a complaint.

The woman took my VIN and asked when my appointment was scheduled. I gave her the date, she looked up and found the local Saturn dealer and said she would see what she could do. Promised to call them the day the car was in the shop and then call me. She gave me a file #, her name, her phone # and extension. FP in West Va.

We'll see what happens.

5th Feb 2009, 14:31

Addendum to my comment of Jan. 22 from SC.----I completed the on-line survey regarding the replacement of the starter switch and indicated my dissatisfaction with Saturn. I just received a call from Saturn and the cost for replacement will be reimbursed even though the car was no longer under warranty. I was told that this is an individual dealership decision. YEA!!! Don't give up.

6th Feb 2009, 09:50

Hello All.

I too am having the same problem with my 2004 Saturn Ion. I just purchased it in October of 2008. I live in Harrisburg, PA where it gets pretty cold in the morning, and a couple weeks ago I went out to my car in the morning and it would not start. I took it to the dealership and they had it for three days. They told me nothing was wrong with it.

It has been starting fine since, until this morning. I went out to my car... same problem, it clicks and all the buttons come on, but it won't start. I called GM/Saturn and filed a complaint. The lady gave me a claim number and told me she would call me on Wednesday to see what has happened.

I am so frustrated with this! But thank you all for the tips on getting this lemon to start. I'm thinking of going to my representative if nothing is done.

23rd Feb 2009, 13:20

Had the same problem with my daughter's 2004 Ion. Had the ignition switch replaced and solved the problem.

15th Mar 2009, 10:15

04 Ion 3 and encountered no start problem... great help and will try ignition switch, keeping tank over 1/2, turning off heater & fan before shutting off car for night, turning ignition slowly and letting lights and bells stop before starting, cutting white wire...

This is my 7th Saturn and I'm confident something will work...I've saved thousands in body repairs owing Saturn vehicle... my kids have hit my Vue and w/it, and neither vehicle needed other than buffing off paint transfer..

27th Mar 2009, 16:47

I also have a 2004 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe... guess what? I have the same problems getting it to start! My husband and I are going to try cutting the white wire... if that doesn't work, I'm going to have to get a new car. It sucks though because I love the gas mileage on my Ion... but it just isn't dependable.

20th Apr 2009, 10:21

Have the same "no start" problem, but the way I get around the problem is to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, turn off the car, remove key. Turn the wheel a little to the right until it locks the steering. It now starts every time, except when I forget to lock the steering wheel. Works in cold or hot temperatures.

15th Sep 2009, 10:34

Took my 2004 quadcoupe to a Saturn dealership on September 3rd. They told me I need a new ignition switch. I said "why, it starts all summer, I only have problems in cold weather?" They said it's natural wear and tear (right). I was informed my reverse lights do not work (don't think they ever have). I was also told that my swaybar was not put on correctly... I've never had any work done to it since I've owned it!! Told Director of the dealership I would not pay for ignition switch because that isn't the problem, it's the passkey system. He said take it up with Saturn. I did, they will not provide any assistance, could not explain why swaybar was installed incorrectly and couldn't explain why the temperature is the factor that causes the car not to stop. Thinking about filing a BBB complaint. Any suggestions?

16th Oct 2009, 00:22

I too, have the starting in cold weather problem with my 2005 Saturn Ion2. I live in Wisconsin and just this past week it's gotten cold (below 40). I had problems with it starting last winter, but just lived through it. It worked fine all summer. Now it's fall, I've had 2 episodes already that it wouldn't start. But if I wait 10 minutes and try again, it starts right up. I work odd shifts, so many times I'm not leaving work until 11pm or 3am, so it's always cold out at night. I can't take another winter with this happening. With that said, and if the problem truly is the Passlock system, then I'd think by bypassing the Passlock system, the problem should be resolved. So tomorrow I have an appointment to get a remote starter installed, in which they have to bypass the Passlock system. I'm hoping this works.

24th Oct 2009, 11:10

I have a 2004 Ion, with the same start problems.

After reading all these comments, I went to the dealership and told them. They switched the ignition switch and reset the bypass module. I actually had it done October 15th 2009. So it's about a week later and no cold start problems yet!! And I live in Canada!!

Hopefully I solved it, but if not I'll write again.

4th Nov 2009, 08:24

Went out to my car 7am (30°) outside and "what do ya know" my my 2004 Saturn ION wouldn't start. Last time it did this was February of 2009.

Just got off the phone with a Rep from Saturn. I called 866-790-5700 and filed my complaint. The Rep gave me a Service Request No. and told me that Saturn would offer cost assistance to me for the repair. I told him that unless the "cost assistance" means FREE to me then I'm not interested.

I'm going to look into the remote starter idea. I'm also interested in the possible "class action" some people have mentioned. So disappointed in Saturn and GM.

I love my Saturn other than this stupid problem...

Can anyone who has done the remote starter and had it work please comment so I don't waste anymore money or time.

Thanks and good luck this winter.