9th Apr 2008, 08:37

Huh? Low oil pressure on startup? No. The IONs ignition switch problems stem from a bad passlock sensor and poor quality switch materials in general--has nothing to do with oil pressure.

28th Apr 2008, 15:39

I own a 2004 saturn ion 2. my car has given me more problem's than any other vehicle I've ever had. I live in florida so the cold is not and issue, but I have had the ignition replaced. The key just wouldn't turn! I would have to wiggle the key, push the brake, wiggle the steering wheel and eventually it would turn. I have had my car in the shop numerous times for front end suspension problems (over 4 times!). All I want to do is get rid of this car, but when I go to trade it in they don't want to give me any thing for it. the interior looks horrible! it looks as if I have had animals running around in my car. I'm happy to know that some one knows about the water spot problem, most people don't. I can't even steam clean them!

21st May 2008, 18:25

I too have a 2006 Saturn Ion 2. I purchased the car with 1,000 miles, and currently the car has 77,000. Not an easy trip though!

I have had the entire fuel system changed. I too had trouble starting the car at times (I had the ignition changed), at this moment the ignition is stuck in the on position and my key was stuck, but I managed to get it out. I have to unplug my ignition to get the car to shut off, almost half of my engine has been replaced, and also my power steering went out while I was driving. This car is falling apart.

I have so many miles because I drive far, a lot of highway miles. This car is garbage; I wish I would have went with a Honda!

22nd May 2008, 18:32

Hi... I own a 2004 Ion2 Saturn.. yes the key gets stuck halfway at times.. But the motor shuts off that's the main thing...

I just lock up the car doors.. And come back to it sometimes 8 hours later... I get into my car.. start it up like normal... then I get to wherever I am going... then it works fine again... I never did anything about it... So it became normal for the car LOL...

But overall.. I think it's a great car... it's not like everyday this happens.. Just once a month LOL... Just accept that little flaw... It won"t burn your battery out... just make sure your radio and stuff like that is turned off... There is a flaw for sure.. But don"t spend any money if you don"t have too...

And as for the water stains on the seats.. Buy thick seat covers to further protect your seats.. Your car will look fancy inside LOL. All we can do is think positive people.

28th May 2008, 11:00

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion series 2, and the car won't start once a week. I wait 10 minutes and then go back and it starts. The Saturn dealer wants $300.00 for a new Pass Lock Sensor. I don't have the $300.00, so I guess I will have to just not ever be in a hurry. I am looking at trying to bypass the pass lock sensor. I know my next car won't be a Saturn. They really need to add this to the recall list.

7th Jun 2008, 20:54

I own a 2003 Saturn Ion 2, I have had a lot of trouble starting my car in the winter. It will barely crank at first, and then it will start after about 10 minutes, but dies out if I don't slam on the gas and keep the rpm up for about 10 seconds! With all these posts that I have read in just the past few days, this is major problem. I can't believe that GM has not made a recall on this issue.

14th Jun 2008, 12:46

I too own a 2004 Saturn Ion 3 and have been experiencing many problems with this car including the starting issue. I wouldn't advise anyone to even look at a Saturn much less purchase one.

27th Jul 2008, 23:25

I own a 2007 Saturn. Bought it brand-new, never had a problem with it until about a month ago, when it wouldn't start. I towed it to the dealership and they replaced the ignition switch. It ran fine, for TWO days, and then did the same thing again. Back to the dealership, a new ignition switch. It worked for three days, and then it happened again.

On the FOURTH visit to the dealership, they told me there was nothing wrong with the car. They claim they had no problem starting it, therefore, there is no problem.

I am beyond frustrated. Fortunately, it is still under warranty so at least I don't have to pay them to look at it each time. Not that it does me any good since they haven't fixed the problem.

23rd Sep 2008, 08:26

I also own a 2003 Saturn Ion and I had a problem starting the car a few times last winter but now its happening every morning the temp goes below 50 degrees. I had the ignition switch replaced a few years ago, but now Saturn wants to charge me $700! Ridiculous!

I read somewhere that a remote starter can permanently bypass the passlock problem. Is this true? Can someone else comment?

24th Sep 2008, 10:54

I'm the owner of a 2004 Ion 3. I too have experienced the ignition problem in very cold weather. Called for a tow and tried again to start the car. It started after multiple times trying. Called to cancel the towing. This happened several times in February. Has not happened since. It is September now. I'm waiting to see if it happens again this winter. I will have to remember to start the car early and warm it up so my son is not late for high school in the event it won't start for 10-30 minutes.

Now I'm having the clutch master cylinder replaced. I've been quoted $293 at a service garage. I hope that goes well. The car is not drivable at the moment.

I also had the power windows fixed. I was told four wires were broken. Why would this happen?

Other things I notice are wrong include rattling under the car when I drive over bumpy roads. Sounds like a broken strut or something. I can't afford to repair it now so drive it anyway. My tires seem to wear out fast, not sure if this is why. I hope to get this fixed next.

1st Oct 2008, 04:11

I own a 2004 Saturn Ion and I have all the really good problems:

1. Key is stuck, won't turn all the way off, but on all Ions there is a button in the steering column. If I push the button while turning the key, it comes out.

2. My Ion takes about 10-20 minutes to start on cold (less than 55 degrees) mornings. The engine turns and all the electrical stuff comes on, but it won't crank all the way for about 10 or 15 minutes.

3. Lifted up my windshield wipers to wash windshield; now the mechanic tells me the wiper transmission is out and will cost about $200 to replace.

4. I have to drive 30 miles to the nearest Wal-mart or grocery store. Round trip cost between $12-15 because this car has terrible gas mileage. But what can I do; the deals done, contract signed, lesson learned.