18th Mar 2009, 19:54

We have 2 Saturn Ions 2003 models. Both have had constant problems, the body control module has been replaced in one of the cars 3 times! Most recently done at 55,000 miles. Half of the speedometer is unlit currently. On the other car I just replaced the steering column due to a module being bad, and a steering shaft due to it being cracked ($1,000 repair).

5th Jun 2009, 15:00

My daughter has a 2003 Saturn ION coupe that was purchased used from a Car Max dealer in the DFW area. Bought in 2005 it has done fairly well for a year or so.

Problems that have developed through routine use and maintenance have been the "Won't start in cold weather", "Driver side windshield wiper inop", " No power steering" and "Both power windows inop".

The cold start problem was resolved with battery replacement, (believe it or not).

Driver side windshield wiper still an issue, (Web research points to loose wiper arm, not wiper transmission.

No power steering was resolved by replacing both PS fuses, the power steering system IS all electrical. This problem can arise from jump-starting vehicle; blows fuses.

Both power windows still are inop at this time, searched for fuse (s) (They are NOT under the hood in the fuse box, they are in the left side of the driver console- access panel by right knee, and checked good).

My maintenance window is a small period of time - don't see daughter very often. Since both windows failed nearly at the same time the probability of both window motors dead is very low. Suspect, based on Web research, driver-side control switch (es), loose, or corroded wiring, open wire (s) in power window wiring harness, power window fuse poor seating, or contact. Power window motors, and finally, the BCM (Body control Module).

Other than that the vehicle is functional. I have the mechanical and electrical experience to further troubleshoot this - does anyone have input, suggestions, etc for me relating to these unresolved problems? If you could share it with me I would so appreciate it, thank you.

6th Jul 2009, 12:22

2003 Saturn ION 150K, changed stabilizer links twice since original, but still have some bushing issues.

In the rear I changed the shocks, but find I still get a real clunk when hitting a bump or pot hole that travels through entire car. Has anyone changed these control arm bushings in the back end? I believe I need the fronts done as well.

Cold start issue was traced to the starter motor for me, and since replacement it has been fine.

24th Jul 2009, 22:05

2004 Saturn. Same clunking sound, more so during cold weather. Car won't start in cold weather, but eventually will. Not freezing weather mind you. Front turn signal blown, repaired, & blown again. Slipped clutch. In repair shop now needing a complete clutch repair. $1500. Very economical, cute little car but problems, problems, problems. Never again.

14th Aug 2009, 00:35

I have a 03 Saturn Ion. It was a great car for the first 3 years. In the last 3 years it has been having something break on it every 4-6 months.

Now I have a window that won't roll back up, no air flow from the A/C or heater (on high I might get a little), a knocking sound from the front (sounds like the bushings), and broken windshield wipers.

I am in college and BROKE. I can't seem to find anywhere that sells parts where I live and the dealership is an hour away. When I need one part replaced, they normally tell me I have to order a whole assembly (and pay for the whole thing) to use on or two parts from it. I can't afford to fix the car because all the repairs are in the $200-600 fixing range. At this point I don't know what to do; the repairs cost more than the car is worth. If anyone knows where to get good cheap parts so I can fix it myself, let me know.

26th Aug 2009, 10:04

In addition to the problems mentioned in my December 2008 post, my '03 ION 3 has a new problem. I think the car thought long and hard about what would be the most irritating...

Anyway, when I turn the car off and open the driver side door, the "lights on" or "keys still in the ignition" beeping alarm noise starts up. And doesn't stop. Until I shut the door. The keys are NOT in the ignition, and the lights are NOT on. The "fun" part of this is that it doesn't happen consistently. It seems to be more frequent in really hot weather, but not always. I've tried turning the car back on, and then off. I've also tried just turning the keys in the ignition so that I get power to the radio and AC and then back off. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don't. With the "not working" being more common.

Anyone else have a similar problem, or an idea on what to do about it? I have a sneaking suspicion that if I take this to the dealer it will be an expensive repair, and I really don't want to deal with that. Help?

6th Sep 2009, 19:49

My son's 2004 Saturn Ion had the same power steering problem. one fix is to remove the EPS motor and clean the dust from between the commutators. the dust is from the brushes. Use a tooth brush to clean out the dust. don't use degreaser or electronic spray cleaners. The cleaning fluid might degrease the bearings. don't use anything metal to remove the dust.

6th Dec 2009, 12:21

I have a Saturn Ion2 2007, and this morning 12/6/09 I rolled the driver window down and it would not go back up. All I got was a roaring sound when I pushed the button to make the window rewind upward.

As of now the window is still down, bad weather outside, cold and ready to rain. I really don't know what to do.

No funds available for repair and I have to go to work Monday with no window and in bad weather on top of it.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides taking my car to the dealer for repair?

If so, you can e-mail me at cawshort98@yahoo.com

Thank you.

3rd Jan 2010, 16:29

2005 Saturn Ion 1.

Struts and rear shocks replaced at 32 thousand miles, and also now have to replace the sway bar bushings and links.

Had problems with starter, and computer chip. Why hasn't GM done a recall on the sway bar links?

Well you get what you pay for, and Saturn sure proves that to be true. Guess that's why GM is cutting that division.

I know I won't buy a GM product again. Hello Honda and Toyota, my next picks for purchase.

6th Jan 2010, 10:37

2004 ion-1.

Current mileage is about 38k. (yes, it's low)

BCM and ignition system changed at about 5k.

Since that, I haven't had any problems, but recently I heard noise from a steering. Any ideas why? By the way, no sign of any malfunction. Thanks a lot.

8th Jan 2010, 16:54

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2 quad coupe, 5 speed, I have 195,000 miles on it. I had to replace the ignition switch at about 90,000 miles, but besides that it has been a great car, gets great mileage, avg about 34mpg, and has given me no problems.