2002 Saturn L100 2.2 from North America


Great on gas


A/C compressor went out at about 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

My parents bought this car when it came out, it's now mine. I've done so much to it mechanically that I don't need to have a mechanic check on everything. Kinda sad that there really aren't many parts that fit on this car; if I do find some, typically it's pretty expensive.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2016

2002 Saturn L100 2.2 from North America


Economical and reliable


Water pump, back up sending unit, tail light, seat track malfunctioned. Nothing big. The dealer tried to get me to replace the rear oil seal for $2200, but I put in a can of sealer and it stopped dripping.

General Comments:

This model Saturn is no speed burner, but is economical.

It can go 80 and hold it's own, but acceleration is not impressive.

A nice feature is the plastic body parts, no dents or dings.

Nine years old, and it looks like new.

I'm sorry they went out of business.

This is our second Saturn, I find it a little cramped, but it's not the car's fault that I'm too fat.

My wife loves this car.

Easy to park.

On trips we get 40 miles to the gallon.

I may have the cc's wrong. We have the smaller engine, whatever it is.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

2002 Saturn L100 2.4 liter from North America


This car is a money pit


Timing chain broke at 34,000 miles.

Front tie rods have been replaced 4 times on each side.

Brakes have been replaced 2 times, including the master cylinder each time.

Rear shocks have been replaced twice left and right side.

Rear right spring has been replaced.

Wiper motor replaced, including the wiring.

Alternator was replaced.

Starter had to be replaced.

I go through a set of 4 tires (80,000) every year, because the front end will not stay in alignment.

Exhaust system has rusted out twice.

General Comments:

Really disappointed with the car. Purchased it new. Drove it off the showroom floor.

Every time I took it to Saturn to have something repaired, they would tell me that the part wasn't covered under warranty. Until Saturn closed, you could not get secondary market parts and had to purchase all parts from a dealer. This often meant that the parts cost you twice what an aftermarket part would cost.

Really unhappy when at 34,000 miles the timing chain broke, and Saturn said, gee, too bad, it's out of warranty.

I'm glad they are out of business; I would never buy another product from them again!!!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2010

2001 Saturn L100 2.2 ecotec from North America


Not aging well


65k Km air conditioning pipe 1

90k Km air conditioning pipe 2

120k Km alternator

140k Km rear passenger manual window assembly

Had to replace rack and pinion direction assembly with the power steering pump (1000$), at 165 000 Km. Now the pass-key seems to have intermittent problem at 170 000Km.

General Comments:

I find my Saturn reliable and comfortable enough. Considering the fact that it was $6000 cheaper than the Accord or Camry base model, I though I was making a good deal at the time, even if I knew it would depreciate a lot.

The suspension is stiff, but the car handles well. The Ecotec engine is very reliable. I think that GM should have all their engines designed by Opel.

The thing I like the most about my Saturn is that there is very little wind noise at highway speed, so the ride is quiet. It wasn't the case with my Mazda Protege and my Honda Civic.

I was satisfied with the car until recently with the last repairs. I went to a dealer to buy a new car and they would only give me $500 for the trade in! How long will the timing chain last?

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2009

2001 Saturn L100 from North America


God bless American made cars


AMAZING!! OK, I live in Los Angles. Driving at 70 miles an hour average on the 405 freeway! Driving home from work. My car just stopped. Completely went... Ffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and then nothing.

So I had it towed $165 to mechanic, and they charged $95 to tell me the compression was at 0; this means the timing chain broke and my pistons pushed through my valves and destroyed my engine. "WHAT WHAT" they told me $5,000 to fix the entire engine. The car has sat there and I have no transport. I have taken the bus and cut back on my work in Los Angeles. Miserable!

Needless to say, I have made 2 car payments to a car that sits under the palm tree collecting bird "luck"... Check this out: I check the mail 2 days ago. a big red stop sign says RECALL I read it, and it says the timing chain has been recalled on this car and at no charge to me, they will fix it. Today I am having it towed to them.

I see this in two ways: Yes man messed up this car, but had it not been for divine intervention (God) and me seeing this small post card, almost junk mail. Today is November 18, 2008 and I am having the car towed to Saturn here in CA. I will be back to tell you how this turns out... jeniferizhere@yahoo.com

General Comments:

Nice decent American made car, until... timing chain.

My car is silver and is stick shift. I guess it's one of the 20,000 made in America.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2008

26th Nov 2008, 09:27

Reviewer Update:

I called my local Saturn dealer. I spoke with Angela. She had good phone manners and completely understood my situation. She told me to have the car towed into the lot and they will do their own diagnosis.

I had a tow to the dealer. Angela called me within 2 days to tell me that yes, the timing chain was broken and that the chains break, also contributed to the engine being destroyed. We both agreed that the reason my car had been sitting was due to the recall matter at hand.

She spent a day talking with Corporate and it has been a week to the day. I picked up my car this morning with a BRAND NEW ENGINE, yup drove it off the lot home. New engine, 12 months warranty, runs beautifully!!!

God is Great... All the Time!


30th Apr 2009, 23:44

Wow! That's amazing because the same exact thing happened to my engine, and Saturn is not taking any responsibility. I have a 2001 L200 and my timing chain broke on it too. As a result of the chain breaking, it broke several other parts in my cars engine. I took the car to an independent mechanic and they fixed the timing chain, and Saturn agreed to pay me back for the costs because it was a recalled part, but after they fixed that problem they realized there were other things that need to be fixed, and Saturn said they wouldn't pay to fix it unless I got it towed to Saturn and had them look at it.

The other damage was clearly from the timing chain breaking, but Saturn wouldn't take responsibility for it, and blamed the other mechanic for the damage. Learn from my mistake! If this happens for to your car, just take it to Saturn!

Now I am being told that I need a new engine and it's coming out of my pocket, even though it is clearly because of the recalled part that Saturn won't take responsibility for.

26th Oct 2010, 18:11

Gee, this is funny, because when the timing chain broke on my car, Saturn told me too bad for you. My car was just over the warranty period, and when I asked if there was anything they could do about it, they told me no. It cost me $2,800.00 to get it fixed. I never heard or was notified that there was a recall on this car because of defective timing chains.