15th Apr 2008, 22:42

I currently have a 2003 L200 with 115k miles one. Have not had any problems with the vehicle, well except the cruise control went out, however last Sunday 4/13/2008 while driving the fuel pump went out. $650.00 plus towing and diagnostics, after having this incident, I really can not complain about the car it has been a really great automobile and I am thinking about purchasing an Aura.

24th Apr 2008, 13:41

I bought a 2003 L200 used (1 year old 12K miles). With in the first year that I had the car, the cat. converter went out. Luckily this was covered by the warranty. I had no further problems with the car (other than the ones my daughter caused) until yesterday. Primary estimates by my mechanic are that it is the fuel pump. From what I read above, I am scared of the cost. Overall, I am somewhat satisfied with my Saturn (that's not saying I would buy another).

27th Aug 2008, 10:08

I bought a 2002 Saturn L200 in January 2003 with 12k. I experienced a few recalls (brake light replacement and something else minor). Other than that, the car has ran like a champ.

I did realize well after the purchase of the car that it was in an accident and had most of the engine replaced. It was a rental in DC. In DC, you do not need to report accidents to the DMV, only the local police precinct. This is why it never showed up on the Car-Fax report. I even asked the salesman about the car being in an accident. They knew the facts, however; withheld the information. So I am bitter still about that. That in itself would make me not want to buy another Saturn.

I now have 97k and am considering replacing the timing chain and fuel filter due to the feedback I've heard. Thanks for everyone's input!

7th Sep 2008, 21:48

This is a great, GREAT car. I have over 160,000 miles on mine. The only problems I have had is the catalytic converter. I have never had my car serviced by the dealer, and have never serviced the car. I change my own brakes, oil, filters and plugs. Costco for tires. The car is easy to work on.

28th Oct 2008, 14:30

I have a 2003 Saturn L-200 with 54K miles. So far I have had to have the A/C compressor replaced in the first year (under warranty), rack and pinion replaced at 40K ($800.00), fuel pump at 54K ($600.00) and I agree the brakes and tires on this vehicle only last about 30K if you're lucky.

I like the car, but feel these are not repairs I should not be doing at 54K or less, maybe at 75K or more. I think I have discovered why Saturns are so "affordable", they use cheap parts that don't last. I have too much invested in this vehicle and will drive it until it quits, but from now on I will only buy Toyota, Nissan, or Honda.

26th Feb 2009, 17:43

I have a 2003 L200 Saturn and bought the extended warranty. The fuel pump went out right before my extended warranty so it was covered. But it died in the middle of traffic and was a nightmare.

Now the care is paid off, but I can't believe that I bought this car for $22K and it now worth $2K.

Also the check engine soon light came on so I took it in. Catalytic converter had a hole in it, but because it's under 80K miles it will be covered by warranty, but I have to replace spark plugs for $169.

Also had to replace brakes at 30K miles, and now buying new tires and need an alignment.

This is my 3rd Saturn, and I will NEVER buy another Saturn.

1st Jun 2009, 22:49

I have a 2002 L200 Saturn. I have had the timing chain replaced, the fuel filter replaced, and now the headlights flashes on and off on their own. The locks also unlock on their own. I would like to know if there is a bulletin on these problems?

16th Jul 2009, 13:52

I have a 2003 Saturn L200. The biggest issue I have had with this car seems to be related to an electrical problem. I have had the ignition control module replaced 3 times. The battery has had to be replaced 3 times. Fortunately the place I purchased the battery replaced it for free under warranty the last 2 times. The headlights and bulbs in the 3rd brake light burn out very, very quickly, not even lasting 1 year. Now, today, the A/C is not working and the repair shop tells me that it is an electrical problem. Great! ANOTHER electrical problem. This repair shop is a new place and they are not aware of the other electrical problems I have already had with the car.

I've spent a lot of money in electrical repairs. I have filed complaints with Saturn and had a director call me. They were absolutely no help and refused to admit that there was a problem.

No wonder they are financially sunk.

14th Sep 2009, 10:27

I agree with you all. I purchased a 2002 Saturn L200 in 2003. The car has given me major problems. The computer system and A/C crashed, and more than once.

Lately, I have had to have at least $3000 worth of computer, A/C, water hose etc work done. This is ridiculous. I have had the compressor replaced within the last year. I will NEVER purchase another Saturn!

27th Sep 2009, 15:32

Oddly enough, we've been pretty happy with our '02 L200 2.2. I just turned over 231,000 miles. The lights have been an issue, but I had a Honda Civic whose dash lights and back-up lights went out early on and were trouble to fix. Still, the brake bar lights tend to wiggle loose and need to be checked.

I've had to replace the coil packs, and had to replace the AC condenser. Some tires last much longer than others, of all things a set of Mastercraft have hung in the longest. My prob now is O2 sensors I think, or the catcon and am searching the net for replacement instructions. I've heard a lot of people who've had bad luck, but I have heard that the 2.2 L series was a more reliable car.

14th Oct 2009, 19:45

I had high regards to Saturn until I purchased one. I've had to replace the power steering pump recently that was totally blown apart, I have made other major repairs on this vehicle as well I AM NOT TO IMPRESSED with the Saturn after all my repairs with a car with less than 59.000 miles and only seven years old.

18th Oct 2009, 12:21

I am surprised so many people have had issues with the Saturn L200. When I met my wife almost 7 years ago, she had purchased a 2003 Saturn L200 and I made sooooo much fun of her. Almost 7 years later the car has 100,700 miles on it and was in the shop one time for a minor issue, and that was it. I get over 400 miles to the tank and drove it to Florida twice from New York City. I still use it along with my other car to drive to work, which is almost 130 miles round trip each day. My wife never took good care of the car until I started to maintain it, and she beats on her cars with the way she drives and still no issues. I don't know what to say other than maybe there was a bad batch of cars that came off of the line or something... mine has been great to me. I love the car and since the parts are so cheap (not that I ever had to by any other than a set of spark plugs at 100,000 miles) it will be around for a while I hope.