2002 Saturn L200 from North America


I loathed every second I had the car


After 10,000 miles on the car an engine component had went. I never got notified by Saturn that a crucial component was defective and that there was a call back on all 2001 L200 models. When I went in for my oil change I asked them to see what was wrong with the engine. I heard loud noises and I need it checked. So then they decide to tell me that this is crucial component that must be changed or it will seize the engine and many of their customers had to get towed in. I wish it ended here. At 40,000 miles the front end broke. I kept taking it in for repair since it was under warranty. Every time the mechanics said that there is nothing wrong with it and I have to realize that the Saturn components tend to relax (as they put it) as the car gets used. Well the front end was in deed broken, the steering column was shot, and Saturn refused to fix the car. That's when I decided the could have it back. I went right back to my Honda Accord, which I should have never given up in the first place. Besides the cost the same. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way. Saturn is a heap of metal that should really be called junk.

General Comments:

The car was overall a horrible and disappointing experience which many people I know have experienced. Everything is Saturn made, which makes it impossible to even change the oil without fearing that the engine will seize because it's not Saturn oil. The car is a headache from start to finish. It's not worth a nickel.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2005

6th Jun 2005, 16:26

I hope that you were seriously kidding on the "Saturn oil" remark, but if you weren't then you must learn.

It does not matter what brand you put in your car, but any car may have a different viscosity of oil that they are supposed to use (I.E., '10W-40') and if the wrong viscosity is used, things can definitely go wrong. Many people decide to buy whatever rating of oil they feel like, rather than use the proper rating, type, or range.

I'm sure the Saturn mechanics know what they are doing.

2002 Saturn L200 2.2 from North America


Not a good value for your dollar and comes with defects.


Lights flicker.

Starter went out.

Alternator went out.

Air conditioning compressor went out.

Door locks would stick.

Battery leaked.

Computer failed.

General Comments:

The car has the biggest problem with lights. I never know when they are going to flicker. Saturn has determined this to be a normal operation of the vehicle. If this is true then all other cars on the road are defective because their lights stay on. If you're in front of my car you will think I'm flashing my lights at you.

I have to say this is the worst investment of my money to date.

I wish the car were more dependable and I didn't have to worry about the lights quitting all together.

It is a very comfortable car and has all of the amenities I wanted.

As was stated by another review, the car depreciated in value very quickly. I would have to pay to use it as a trade-in and I had zero percent financing.

I will never purchase another GM product.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

19th Mar 2005, 20:38

Other L-series owners have stated that replacing the stock battery with one that delivers more amps (such as an Optima) has solved the problem with flickering lights.

19th Jul 2005, 08:15

Why should the car owner replace the battery. If it's a problem, Saturn should replace it!!!

11th Mar 2006, 18:34

The problem is not in the battery. The alternators of GM are too weak on all of their cars.