2002 Saturn L200 2.2 Liter from North America


Great, zippy, reliable bargain


Ignition Switch was sticking at 10,000 miles and dealer replaced under warranty.

Original Firestone Tires wore out quickly - 15,000 miles replaced with Kellys and they have been great since.

A/C Hose broke off of compressor - dealer replaced under warranty.

Brakes began squeaking at 30,000 miles - replaced them and they are fine.

Door lock would not always unlock with remote - sometimes you'd have to unlock it 2x to get it to open. Dealer replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

This is a truly great car.

Most everyone I know thought I was a little nuts for buying a Saturn due to the stiff chassis, but we have been incredibly happy with it.

The ride can be a bit stiff, but the seats are very comfortable and the stiffness of the chassis contributes greatly the how well the car handles especially on the highway.

Fuel economy is also a big plus - we get about 25-30 miles to the gallon.

We opted for the 5-speed, and I would definitely recommend this option. It makes up for the 2.2 liter 4 banger under the hood.

I would confidently recommend this car.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

8th Sep 2004, 22:15

2002 Saturn L200 is a great reliable car. Some recalls, but dealer took care of every thing (no charge).I will keep this car forever.

18th Sep 2004, 18:31

I have a 2002 L200 and it runs very well. The dealer did replace some pricey items under warranty, but these items were not indicative of poor build quality, they were design problems that have been resolved. The catalytic converter went out due to damage done before the ignition recall. The intake manifold gasket whistled and had to be replaced, but the new gaskets have been redesigned.

My only problem is that the car has rather bland styling. It looks like a car that the government would give someone in the Witness Protection Program.