2003 Saturn L300 3.0L V6 DOHC from North America


A decent enough vehicle for the price, though you want a mechanic to look it over before buying


Check engine light would come on, and my transmission would start slamming gears. Had the code checked out, and it came up as my O2 sensors. Had them replaced, only to have my car do the same thing 20 minutes after I drove it out of the garage. Took it back to run the code again, and this time it came up as a high-pressure solenoid in the tranny, so then I took it to a shop that specializes in transmissions, and found out that the gears were worn out and my torque converter was almost completely stripped. Altogether, just that problem cost me almost $2000, and that's on top of the front stabilizer bars having to be replaced (though that had been a problem since I drove off the lot with it), and the front axle shaft having to be resealed twice within a 6-month time frame.

The environmental systems inside the car are a bit wonky, but function well enough. The only other issues that I see are needing to be addressed are the rear control arms, which are so badly worn that my alignment is completely thrown out until I get them fixed (another $1200), and the engine pulley bolt, which is wobbling fairly badly.

Aside from all these technical problems, it's actually a fairly reliable car, which sports a decent amount of power and is quite comfortable.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2013

2003 Saturn L300 Wagon 3.0 from North America


Buy one, but use caution


A/C compressor, bearings.

General Comments:

Performance wise this car is a beast!

Decent audio system, that if you don't turn the bass all the way up, you shouldn't blow the speakers.

Handling is great on these cars, as well as acceleration from any speed.

I find the trac control annoying, and the cruise control very sensitive.

A few costly repairs, but as long as the car holds up, I will be very happy with it.

Like I said, the performance is amazing for a V6. My next car will be a Challenger though, and I will probably pass this to my daughter when she turns 17.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2011

2003 Saturn L300 Sedan 6 cylinder from North America


Glad they are out of business


Started needing a lot of anti freeze; light kept coming on.

The computer quit after the first year; needed to be replaced.

The transmission was slamming into gear - told it was the sensors that needed to be replaced.

I traded it in for a nice Camry.

It only had 42,000 miles on it. Bought it new for 20,000. The dealer gave me 3,500 for it.

What a loss.

General Comments:

Not a good car.

Redding ca. Had no dealerships here; had to go 3 hours north to Oregon.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2010

9th Apr 2010, 10:58

I believe the dealer has given you good money for an 03 Saturn. They usually are not that generous (or may be he wanted to get rid of a Camry these days, now that everybody thinks negative about Toyota).

Anyway, good luck with your new one.

22nd Aug 2011, 15:27

I agree completely - not a good car. I have had nothing but problems with it in the last 3 years.

Replaced the intermediate shaft 4 times in a 2 year time period, but GM won't acknowledge that it is defective. Dealership mechanic said P1811 came up for the tranny. My mechanic can't get it to duplicate, no matter what.

Replaced oil cooling unit last week, and now they want another $500 to replace the radiator, as it is cracked and severely leaking.

Need to "re-flash" the computer at the dealership for $113 to see if it will fix the harsh shifting problem, since my mechanic can't duplicate. Drove the car, heated it up, NOTHING! This really sucks! Never again would I purchase a P.O.S. car like this.

2003 Saturn L300 3.0 V6 from North America


Good reliable transportation when kept in proper running order


Oil cooler cover leak, weird auto climate control system.

General Comments:

Decent overall car, more attention to quality control would have helped greatly. This car is maintenance intensive and must be kept in top running order, and parts are incredibly expensive. Although once understood, it is a very easy car to work on. Timing belt on the V6 must be changed at 100,000 miles, or expect to rebuild the heads, not a cheap proposition.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009