2nd Apr 2013, 15:55

I had my Saturn L300 for about a year or so, and my motor just went the other day. And that's after me putting over $600 in it. The car still turns on, but it makes a crazy noise. It's really upsetting, being a single mom trying to make ends meet, and being told this was a great car and it wasn't. It was good while it lasted. I did maintenance to my car like it required. And all it did was kill my motor.

Oh, I also replaced the back struts and it still sounded horrible. So unhappy about this car!!

30th Jul 2017, 19:59

I have a 2004 Saturn level 3 sedan and I love it! Heated seats, sunroof, black on black with blacked out windows, fast and reliable... never owned a car (including a brand new Cadillac) that had so many strangers comment on what a nice car, and this is a 13 year old car!!

30th Jul 2017, 20:02

Shimmying between 55 and 62 for me was a bad rear wheel bearing!

19th Oct 2017, 15:58

I have a 2004 Saturn L series that was my elderly mother's car. She only drove it to church and to the grocery. When I got it in March 2017, it had 24K miles. I've put about 10K more on it since then. Now I'm being told the steering gear is leaking fluid (assuming this is power steering fluid) and that it will cost a total of about $1,600 to fix it. It's barely worth that much on a dealer trade-in according to Kelly Blue Book. I really thought I'd get a lot more mileage out of this car. Time to go shopping I guess.

19th Oct 2017, 20:53

Get another opinion or quote to fix it. Remember the car is now 13 years old, with only 27K miles (about 45K km). With age, if it hasn't been used much, seals do perish. A few years ago, I had an Audi whose rack needed to be reconditioned, it cost me the equivalent of about US$840. If you could get it fixed for US$1000 or less, that car has already long since depreciated, it should still give good service for a while with only normal wear and tear problems. But certainly lack of use does cause its own problems.