2000 Saturn LS from North America


Avoid cars made by Saturn, and stick with Honda or Toyota!!


My timing belt slipped twice.

The antifreeze leaked.

My car starts only when it feels like it.

General Comments:

I really adored my car when my dad first got it for me, but now, it's a totally different story. Once I received the title for my car, everything started to fall apart.

I'm a college student and I have enough problems of my own. Of course, though, my car wishes to create more.

On my way to class one day, my timing belt slipped so my dad had to make a 2 hour drive to tow it back home and have it repaired for over $2,000. Then my coolant tube had a hole in it, maybe the size of a push pin, and it would hold antifreeze for maybe a day and 1/2.

Finally, my engine will turn over, but it won't start. I have to drive to class and work everyday so my car has really been letting me down. It's costing way too much money and time and causing too much stress. I cannot wait to get another car, and hopefully this time my dad will listen when I say I want a Toyota or a Honda!! GEEZ!!

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Review Date: 8th June, 2009

2000 Saturn LS LS2 from North America


Very good basic transport with perks (loaded). The V6 is great as well!


Nothing wrong with car. Very happy!

Bought the car used for $3,500 (previous owner did the 60,000 miles maintenance). I just replaced the rear brake pads and had an oil change ($200) - normal maintenance issues.

The only thing I don't like is the leather seats wear out too quickly. And some parts inside are made too cheaply.

Otherwise I'm happy.

General Comments:

Car handles well.

The lights go on (air bag etc.). Kind of annoying.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2008

2000 Saturn LS 2 from North America


Never Buy a Saturn


I honestly do not know where to begin with this car... let me give you a little history. My grandparents bought this baby brand spanking new in May 2000. At the time, I was driving their hand me down 1996 Saturn SL2, which in all honesty was a fairly decent car. However, in 2005, that car was totaled in a wreck. So, at that time, I inherited this Saturn LS2, which should be renamed Saturn POS2.

Problems I have had with it... water pump went out TWICE in less than 18 months and I had to fight tooth and nail to get Saturn to cover it with warranty.

Sunroof leaks.

Driver's side window will NOT roll-up.

Major mechanical issues from day 1.

Leather wearing down on steering wheel leaving black, sticky residue on your hands. Leather seats also cracking and discolored.

Left taillight cover has a crack and I REFUSE to repair it because I have to replace the ENTIRE back piece, and I think that's just a load of bull.

Crankshaft Position Sensor goes bad way too frequently.

I have a power steering leak.

The A/C doesn't work.

Saturn dealership tells me the PC Valve inside the transmission needs to be replaced.

Manufacturer's defect with suspension or something causing the tires to wear prematurely. Saturn finally admitted to the defect just a few months outside of the warranty... how convenient.

General Comments:

I hate this car and will NEVER buy another Saturn. In fact, if there were a competition to win a Saturn and I was guaranteed to win, I wouldn't participate. I have had the car since 2005 and since then I have put over $3500 in repairs into. My grandparents kept GREAT records of the service and I tallied it up... well over $10,000 in repairs done to this car and that doesn't include your general maintenance costs!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2008

2000 Saturn LS ls2 V6 from North America


Move on


Just wanted to comment on an earlier post about losing radiator fluid, there is another pump just outside the radiator that is a second cooling station, I believe it was an alternate pump. When you open the hood, it looks like an oversized film can directly behind the radiator on the upper part of the engine, like close to the hood. Check there. Other than that had to replace alternator, starter three times, fuel pump, spark plugs, electrical board, two switches for the rear driver side window.

General Comments:

Don't buy it.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2008