2000 Saturn LS LS1 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Stands up well to hard driving


Clutch failed by leaking hydraulic fluid on 2 occasions, fixed under warranty.

Power steering fluid has air bubbles in it causing some vibration/ noise in steering. Fixed under warranty.

Water leaks from above above both front doors. One leak fixed under warranty, 1 still leaks.

Stock steel wheels easily warp and cause steering wheel shake on highway. Aftermarket aluminum wheels fixed the problem.

Small squeaks and rattles from roof liner and air vent. They come and go. I fixed the rattling air vent.

General Comments:

The brakes are very powerful and take and extreme amount of heat to fade. I drive the car very hard. I went through 3 sets of tires in 100,000km, but only had to change front brake rotors and pads after about 110,000 km.

Stiff suspension handles very well, but, small road imperfections cause annoying drumming sound because of poor suspension isolation. If road is smooth very quiet. measured 68dBA at 110km/hour.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

2000 Saturn LS from North America


I love new Saturns/won't buy a used one again


The automatic lock doesn't work on the driver side in the back seat. It was like this when I bought it used. I broke two of my own rules - Never buy a used car and never buy a car in its first year.

I've had the car about two years now and have had great luck with the engine and handling and reliability. It's all these little things I don't recall ever having a problem with on my last two Saturns that I bought new. The light that indicates which gear I am in only works when the headlights aren't on!

The bulbs on the dash are going out. I have no light at all behind my fuel gauge; only half of my speedometer lights up. Same with the tach and temperature gauge.

Yesterday my turn signals made a popping noise and now they do not shut off when I finish the turn; I have to shut them off manually.

Today was the worst. I looked at my trip meter to find it stuck on zero! So I switched to the odometer and was amazed to see it is stuck on 694,947!! It was 120,000 yesterday!

General Comments:

When I first noticed the dash lights going out I took the car to a reputable mechanic here in town that I trust. Even he said it would be very expensive to fix the bulbs as they are very hard to get to. I'm fearful of what I will hear now about the trip meter/odometer problem. Will post again.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005

20th Nov 2005, 11:30

The mileage reading such a wacky number is absolutely due to failure of the BCM (body control module). The L-series cars (I own one, too) are famous for BCM replacements. It may actually be causing the interior light problems too--the bulbs may not be burned out.

The BCM replacement runs about $350 parts and labor. It's something that you should replace sooner rather than later, since it may cause other annoying problems.

Overall, once the bugs were worked out of these cars, they are pretty decent to own and a pleasure to drive. Don't let this problem sour you on Saturn. Once you fix the BCM, you will be happy to own it again.

1999 Saturn LS from North America


I will never buy Saturn again!


Engine Blown 105,000 km.

General Comments:

Everything about this car is nice except the engine is wrecked. I was very disappointed to find out that this is a common problem with this model of Saturn.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2005

2000 Saturn LS LS2 3.0 Liter V6 from North America


A mixed bag, but worth a look


Upon delivery, the car had a cracked fuel injector--which sprayed raw gas on the engine, and had a leaky rear reflector valance.

At 40,000 miles, the steering rack had to be replaced due to a crack.

General Comments:

This car is surprisingly quick. Magazines have reported 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds.

Fuel economy has been better than expected for a V-6. On most highway trips it'll average over 30mpg @ 70mph.

A smallish gas tank limits the cruising range to about 300 miles.

Reliability has been good despite the mentioned defects. I drove it from NY to CA and back again recently, and didn't have a single malady.

Front leg room is cramped for anyone over 6', making long distance driving uncomfortable for some.

The trunk is enormous. Has definitely come into good use.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2004