8th Nov 2007, 07:59

Interesting situation. It is most likely the early stages of BCM death. Trouble is, when it does finally go, you could be stranded, so it's probably worth having it replaced. Yes, the dealer needs to reflash the software onto the replacement BCM, so that's the place to go. Also, be aware that the replacement BCM is updated and will not experience further problems.

21st Nov 2007, 07:37

I have a 2000 LS1 with about 120000 miles. Some of my issues are left directional works sometimes and sometimes goes nutty. Front passenger side and rear driver side power windows do not always work. Sometimes, left turn activates my hi-beam lights and occasionally the service light comes on. Does this sound like one of those BCM issues? Taking a 250 mile trip today and am gonna be holding my breath waiting to see what happens next.

11th Jan 2008, 19:16

I've had multiple problems with a used 2003 L200 (47,000 miles) that was bought 9 months ago. We bought it from a Pontiac dealership that could not fix a BCM that went bad 4 months after we bought the car. The nearest Saturn dealership is 100+ miles away and the car would have to be flatbedded there. They wanted $1200.00 so I had the car towed to a local auto parts shop that had the programmer $60towing, bought a pulled BCM with a year warranty $100, and the programming itself cost another $60.

It is a risk buying a used BCM, but also buying a new one as well. The BCMs are made by Motorola in China!

I would not suggest anyone ever to buy any saturn.

17th Feb 2008, 02:09

Today, 20-16-2008, I noticed a little smoke coming from my steering wheel. I thought is was my breath since it is cold here in IL. Again I noticed a little smoke from my steering wheel. Also, I noticed when I turn on the the turning signal, my headlight go to High Beam. Also, I notice recently that my power door locks don't open when I turn off the car, my key-less trunk button isn't working, my cigerette lighter doesn't work anymore as I use it to power media devices, my odometer light does not work, and my emergency light button doesn't light up anymore. Anyone have any answers for these problems? The Saturn dealer sure doesn't!

22nd Mar 2008, 08:22

I have a 2003 L200 4cyl and at about 70000 miles I now have a BCM problem also. First symptom must have been the fuel gauge which most of the time is correct but sometimes shows E when it's not. That has been happening for a few months now. Yesterday when I parked the car my locks wouldn't unlock when I took the key out. I had to put key back in, turn to ACC and then off again and they worked. The very next time I started up again, an hour later, the odometer read 505582 and did not move.

Saturn dealership quoted me $337 for the part and $190 labor including programming and resetting the keys. I called Napa and they told me he couldn't get the part, that I would have to call the dealer directly. So where else can I get this part and not have to pay out the nose for it???

10th Jun 2008, 11:53

I, too, am a BCM victim who posted earlier. My Saturn dealer charged me a disposal fee for the old BCM. What character! It wasn't much, but just another example of the additional "nickel and diming" that they like to do with such misc. fees and hazardous materials fees. If I had known, I would have asked for the old part and disposed of it myself.

27th Jul 2008, 10:08

I just bought a used Saturn L-Series 2003 and now I'm having odometer issues as well; specifically, after a battery change the mileage now reads 684, XXX, and it's stuck there. I am being told that my extended warranty coverage does not cover this issue, that sucks, this should be a recall issue.

2nd Aug 2008, 13:58

My 2000 LS2 just went through it's FOURTH BCM in 2.5 years. What happens is not only do the electric locks not work, I can start the car, but it won't shift out of park stranding me wherever I may happen to be. This last time, they replaced the BCM two weeks ago and it already is not working. Three Saturn dealers and they can't come up with the root cause of the problem (one even removed my auto-start which I had enjoyed living in Michigan). Otherwise the car still runs great at 130k+ miles, but that's worth absolutely nothing if you can't shift it. I'd stay far away from this car for these reasons.

7th Aug 2008, 21:23

I would suggest to those with constant problems to contact Saturn headquarters and if no satisfaction there I would go straight to General Motors. A GM dealership provided me with the name and e-mail of an executive and I did get immediate action for one major problem... just spent another $2000 in repairs and when it is paid off it is gone!!! Of course I share my "Saturn experience" with anyone I run into who has thought about or is thinking about buying a Saturn. It is true that Saturn has a monopoly on many of its parts which is another crock.

26th Aug 2008, 14:29

I own a 2001 LS1 that I purchased used in 2003. I love my Saturn and was looking forward to purchasing the new Aura. My car dealership takes care of me and are honest with me and they stand behind their work. My BCM has just gone bad and I needless to say, I wasn't happy about it, but cars get old and things break down. Cars are not made to last forever. Every make or model of cars has it woes. So many times, people get rid of cars because they get to a point where they are sinking too much money in them to keep them running. That can be any make or model. So, we get them fixed or we get rid of them and buy a new one. How many of us have our very first cars? None of us do! For the dollar, Saturn makes a good product and my customer service experience has been positive. So I think I will stick with Saturn until someone creates a car that never needs repairs. When that happens, it will probably be so expensive that no one will be able to afford it!

10th Nov 2008, 14:19

My wife's 2000 Saturn LS just had the speedometer stop working. The blinkers also don't turn off after you've turned and the Service Engine light is on as well as the other warning light (can't remember which one).

We just got the car used 2 weeks ago and I don't want to go dumping a lot of money into it. Were there any recalls for this model?

11th Nov 2008, 10:50

There have been few recalls of anything on the 2000 Saturn LS. I would recommend that you return it to where you got it...2 weeks should be a viable return and if not I would speak to an attorney. This car is only going to cost you big bucks. I know and have shared my experiences previously on this forum several times as things have cropped up.