1998 Saturn SC 1 I4 Single Overhead Cam from North America


Sporty, dependable, American-made vehicle


Vibrates When I stop, possibly the throttle positioning sensor. Many Rattles (Door, Plastic over the Speedometer, middle vent, Passenger window.)

New Tires at 70,000. Horn Stopped working.

Possibly may need a new head gasket.

General Comments:

My First car. 1998 loaded Saturn Sc1. No mechanical problems to date, some annoying things like the rattles, but they don't all go at the same time so I can live with them. Stock system rules, I can shake the mirrors with the base. for only 100 h/p its pretty quick, it goes when I tell it to. it has more scratches than the average car which I don't know why, its however a very good 1st car, low insurance costs with sporty looks. almost 40mpg great.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

1998 Saturn SC SC2 4-cylinder DOHC from North America


It has been a wholly unreliable, expensive vehicle to own; very frustrating!


The engine was replaced before I bought the car.

The differential came apart and destroyed the transmission case.

The power window on the drivers side has a dead motor.

The windshield wipers are stuck in the on position.

The valve cover gasket had a serious leak and when replaced properly still leaked.

Engine consumes motor oil.

New transmission shifts hard.

Belt tensioner bearing was bad and squealed terribly.

Exhaust has multiple leaks and is going to fall off soon.

Some portions of dash/console are poorly assembled.

Speaker in passenger door is defective.

Sometimes the car refuses to start: not related to weather, very sporadic.

General Comments:

The paint has not held up very well and as far as mechanics the car has been a nightmare. It has been unreliable and repair costs have totaled over half the initial purchase price, and there are still many repairs to be made. Another friend of mine had a Saturn and we agree: we will never buy another Saturn.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

31st Mar 2007, 10:43

I totally agree with the review. Everything that was said has been my experience also. I only have 30,000 miles on a new Saturn I bought in 1999 model SC-2. All the frustrations that were expressed have also been mine.

12th Feb 2008, 22:35

***Engine consumes motor oil.

About 90% of Saturn engines have this problem.

Use SAE 30 oil, it's a bit thicker and won't run out as fast.

Also, for the Transmission, empty the fluid out, just one bolt to do this, just as an oil change and add MERCON V (5), you will notice a IMMEDIATE difference in smooth acceration.

1998 Saturn SC SC2 from North America


Overall it is a satisfactory car


Right after the Warranty went out the Crankshaft main bearing went out. Cost was $2,500 dollars. This should not happen to a car that was three years old at the time. Nothing else radical has happened. I got Saturn to pay for half of the costs, but was not happy overall to have to come up with a chunk like that on a practically new car.

General Comments:

Generally speaking, it is a good car.

I Love the styling and that is one reason I purchased it. I would purchase another in the future, but apprehensive about it with the major engine problem I had with this one.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2004

1998 Saturn SC 2 1.9L Twin Cam 16v from North America


Solid performance and very reliable


Faulty upstream O2 sensor. It costed $40.00 to replace. Came off the lot with faulty sensor so I knew about it when I bought it. Other than that the car has been excellent.

General Comments:

To start I won't lie, I have beat the crap out of this car at times (draged the car at WIR with a 15.3 at 96 MPH) at it still runs like it's brand new with no problems.

This car has great power and performance for only being a 1.9L engine. It runs through the powerband very quickly (3,500 RPM's to 6,000 RPM's) and it just sets you back in your seat. I have added performance parts to it such as : Cold air intake, Dynomax muffler, Racing chip, Performace Bosch +2 Platinum spark plugs, Performance spark plug wires and MSD Ignition coil pack. But even without having all these mods on it even when it was stock it had nice power.

The handling on the car is pretty good too because the car comes with a front sway bar and decent rated tires. I added a upper strut tower bar and it made a big improvement on cornering.

The braking power of the car isn't too bad, but it could have been better so I bought the factory upgrade brake pads and now it stops very well.

The nice thing about the car is that it is mostly plastic which is actually very sturdy and of course dent resistant. Being plastic it won't rust which is great. I would recommend a Saturn to anyone except if you buy a 96' or older vechile because those were not very well made, but 97' and up are a great solid car.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

17th Feb 2008, 16:03

Performace Bosch +2 Platinum spark plugs are total TRASH!

If anything, get the 4 prong plugs or Fusion.

Take them out and out in Ac/Delco rapid fire plugs and you'll notice a better idle and acceration.