31st Oct 2002, 12:07

Problems with Saturn head gasket: check out www.lemonaidcars.com. and click on secret warranties. The site also has helpful info on filing a complaint.

14th Dec 2002, 21:52

My dad gave me his 96 SL2 sedan to drive, everything was great at first, then at around 70000 miles the oil pressure light went on and.. there was no oil in the engine. I took it to the dealer and they said that its normal to burn some oil. It didn't burn some oil, it burned it ALL. It burns a LOT of oil too, this cant be good for the environment. After reading all the comments on this web page I have concluded that a Saturn is a low quality vehicle and there is indeed a problem with its engines. I will have a talk over with the dealership to see what they can do. This could be a class action suit in the making.

4th Jan 2003, 21:45

I wish I had found this site two weeks ago. Then someone else would be writing this.

At 109,000 miles, my 1996 Saturn SL has suddenly developed the symptoms described above (overheating, oil in the coolant). With the help of a friend, I am in the process of tearing it apart to replace the head gasket. It sounds like I will end up replacing the head as well.

I have written to Saturn about this problem. Has Saturn shown any interest in correcting this problem, or should I buy a different kind of car next time?

17th Feb 2003, 05:19

I bought a second hand Saturn 96 sc1 in november 2002 and in less than two weeks the cylinder head cracked and oil leaked into the coolant tank. They said it would cost 1500 to fix! But the warranty from the dealer still covered me for 1100, so I only had to pay about 400. The car shakes bad when I'm stopped and the gas seems to leak when I'm parked. I like the look inside and the feel, but I'm going to get a Toyota or Honda next.

16th Apr 2003, 08:18

I too own a 1996 Saturn SC2 that is burning a ton of oil per month, but leaks are no where to be found. I also beleive that oil may be leaking in to the coolant tank after reading some of the emails, I have the very same symptoms. The trunk latch has broken making it difficult to close the trunk it has to be welded. Overall the car has been outstanding until a couple years ago when the oil/valve cover gaskets began leakage and the problems have persisted since.I"ll continue monitoring this website for answers and suggestions. NOT ALONE LEM.

27th May 2003, 10:51

Leaking Valve Cover Gasket.

Seems that after reading many reviews, this is a problem Saturn needs to address! Our neighbor has a Saturn that needed a NEW ENGINE, as the oil leaked out, and they were unaware until the oil light came on!

On my own 1995 Saturn SL2 (bought new), it runs like a charm. It was problem-free until about 45k miles. The alternator went, the battery needed replacing, new tires/brakes - typical stuff. BUT since about 45k miles, the oil just disappears like magic! A few months ago (at 75k) the ERG valve went bad. I just got a "recall" card (which I think is a sneaky way to cause problems) came and I fell for it. They said that the valve cover gasket is leaky and will cause excessive loss of oil (as well as dangerously leaking fuel on the electrical lines!). They said for a mere $253 they would replace it! I told them that with the constant complaints they have had on that very problem they should replace it for free... They said they were unaware of any previous problems with it (blinders and earmuffs on!). I called the Corporate office and they too sang the same song... I'll get the problem fixed locally - NOT AT THE DEALERSHIP! and keep my baby until it's time for our final parting of sweet sorrow. My Saturn experience for the most part has been positive - as long as I stayed away from the dealership!

STAY AWAY FROM THE DEALERSHIP! They charge WAY TOO MUCH for parts! They also take FOREVER to do a simple oil change! I also stay away from Pep Boys, as they don't do the work they say they did. I get my parts from Advance Auto and have been happy! Also, the "fancy" car wash Saturn claims they do, is a joke! I left a little mark of chalk dust on the driver's door, and it was still there after their "We washed your car!" speech! HO HO HO! Best of luck to others with their Saturn woes!

5th Jul 2003, 02:03

I am from San Diego. My car is at 86k, and I started to notice I have to change the oil every 1000 miles, and the oil went low, and after I read all of these forums, now I know the problem.

I hate it when you think your car is a charm and won't break down, until you find oil in your radiator, so I guess that means the headers are cracked, and I paid $2500 for this 1995 Saturn SC1, and it's gonna cost me 1/2 of what I paid for it to fix this problem.

Now I think the Saturn should have a recall on all Saturns with a cracked header. I will never own a Saturn for the rest of my life. I bet you those 2003 Ions are no good, and won't last for 5 years.

7th Jul 2004, 12:04

I have a 1994 Saturn SL2. It has been going through one quart of oil a week with very little use, and no sign of oil anywhere. I now have white smoke coming from my tailpipe, but no oil in my coolant. I Last year my head blew, and paid 2000.00 to have it replaced. Could my head gasket have blown? I want to get the repairs done, but the car has 140k miles, and don't know if it is worth it.



1st Jan 2005, 13:09

I have a 1993 Saturn SL2 and hope that my comments will help those of you that having issues with your Saturns.

I bought my 93 about 5 years ago with nearly 100,000 miles on it. It had a very annoying vibration problem that most mechanics did not know how to fix, or did not want to try. After checking with the Saturn mechanic on the phone we went there and bought an engine mount. It took my son about 20 minutes to install it (easy to reach at the top of the engine). Used the Chilton book for directions. No more vibrations, ran like new. A shop wanted to charge us nearly $500 to install the engine mount!! Cat Converter went out and had to be replaced a couple years ago, it uses about a quart of oil every 800 miles. Just replaced the head gaskets a week ago, oil was leaking down the sides of engine. Now it cranks and does not turn over. We suspect it may be the fuel injectors (?) It has over 167,000 miles now. If anyone has any ideas on where we can go next... let me know. Running out of ideas and need the car! Thanks.