1996 Saturn SC SC2 1.9 from North America


Semi-reliable cheap sports car


Alternator went out in January of 2001, two days after I bought it.

Alternator went out in November or so of 2001. Saturn just doesn't know how to pair a good alternator with a car.

There is a rattle when going over washboard bumps. I replaced the upper engine mount because I had been advised that the problem could be solved that way. It still rattles. I took it to the dealership for an inspection of the suspension. They said that the coil springs were not seated properly and adjusted them. Still rattles.

At 62,000 miles the engine started consuming oil at about 1 qt per 3000 miles. I have looked around and have found this to be the case with most Saturns once past the 60K mark. The oil rings in the pistons go bad.

General Comments:

Car accelerates well.

I love the look of my car.

I think it unfortunate that Saturn still uses the same poor quality materials in their newer models as in the old.

Besides that I really love my car. I plan on driving it till it dies.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

29th Jan 2006, 03:04

Hello, I have read your review and I seem to encounter the same problem with my Saturn. I do like my car, because it has taken me where I needed to go and it has kept up with RS-X's, SRT-4's, and smoked any civic and some celicas, but other than that I just cannot stand the rattling sound of my dash. so to fix this problem I just use tape, I know it sounds a bit ghetto, but it works. I just try to ignore it when I drive!

1996 Saturn SC SC2 1.8 from North America


Saturns are garbage


My head gasket blew at 58,000 kilometers.

Windows leak whenever it rains.

Seats are uncomfortable.

Car has poor acceleration from a stop.

The car developed a bad ping at 65,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

This car handles well, but I don't have any other good things to say about it.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2001

1996 Saturn SC SC1 from North America


I will never buy another one


Air conditioning at 36,000.

Brakes at 60,000.

General Comments:

The cars interior always rattles. It has been in to be fixed 3 times. I finally gave up.

The last time it was in they had to jump start for me to leave. Somehow they killed the battery and said that it must have been its time to go.

It losses oil, about a quart every 600 miles, but has no spots where I park it.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2001

18th May 2001, 15:32

As of May 1, I now own my '96 SC-2.

Yesterday, my oil pressure light came on, so I took it to my local mechanic, (since Saturn had been charging me big $$$ for services that were not being done! i.e., tire rotation etc...). My mechanic checked my oil which he, himself had changed only a few months ago. It was only 112 miles over the suggested 3,000 mile change limit. MY CAR HAD NO OIL IN IT!!! He immediately changed/filled the oil and explained to me that he was concerned because he had just seen the same thing happen last week to a '97 Saturn wagon! Turns out that the "head" cracked at 60K miles and the oil simply leaked into the coolant overflow!

So now my car is paid-in-full and I just hit 60K miles! Isn't this strange since I now have oil in MY coolant overflow bottle!!! The repair will cost me roughly $1,000.00 dollars! What should I do??? This is my second Saturn that turned out to have BIG problems... Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to what I should do? (Other than NEVER EVER purchase another Saturn?) HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH THEIR SATURN??? Please oh please respond! Thanks so very much!


1996 Saturn SC SC2 DOHC 1.9 from North America


A misfire on #3 spark plug @ 9004 miles - just erased memory.

Misfire #3 @ 18000 dealer changed plugs and added fuel cleaner.

@ 36000 throttle stuck making for many misfires. Changed EGR valve.

General Comments:

This car is only serviced by me except for warranty issues. Oil changed every 3000 mi and the rest at recommended intervals (lube filters etc). I don't really trust anybody (so called experts). There was a trainee working on it the second time telling me somethings so they don't even drive it out of the lot and I watch them work on it. Which is nice! You really don't have a clue what they do out on the highway. Don't get me wrong, they are very good from what I've seen.

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Review Date: 21st June, 1998