1996 Saturn SC SC2 1.4 Liter, Twin cam, 16v, 4-cylinder from North America


Overall good car with some minor glitches


The heater makes a slight rattling noise when it is on front defrost.

The ignition sticks at times, and does not allow for the key to be turned or the car to be started. After a few tries it usually works, though.

The sunroof will open, but won't close. I haven't had it looked at, but I assume it's a bad connection with the switch or something to that effect.

Good gas mileage, although not what is advertised for this car.

The car has a problem with latches:

Trunk will not close. The latch on the trunk that hooks onto the 'tooth' on the body of the car seems to be bent forward, and misses the latch.

Back seats that fold down in a 60/40 type deal do not latch onto their teeth when closed, but just rest there.

The gas tank cover closes, but takes some work to get it latched.

General Comments:

The backseat is TINY. Don't count on fitting anything in there, including people. Trunk space is ample, however.

The car handles like a dream. It's a fun little car to drive; especially with the manual transmission. Step on the gas, and it picks right up, and step on the brake, it slows right down.

The floormats are junk. Get new ones.

The driver's seat, although not power, is more than you'd expect for a car like this. Adjusts forward/backwards, reclines forwards/backwards, adjusts up and down, and has a 4-position lumbar support.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2004

1996 Saturn SC 2 1.8 from North America


The worst car I've ever owned


If I'm at a drive-through or in stop-and-go traffic, it starts to overheat. I have to put the "heat" on full blast to fix the problem.

The floor on the passenger side is always soaking wet.

The transmission had to be replaced 5 months after I bought it. It cost me $2,100. I had to borrow against the car and raise how much I owed on it. Guess what... the car isn't worth that.

The driver's side window is slow when it's cold.

The sunroof doesn't work. It won't close all the way and only opens about three inches before freezing up. It won't even slide shut. I have to use a screwdriver to close it. I use the tip to shove the slide shut. So, there's constant wind noise.

The lining of the sun shade that closes under the sunroof is coming off. So is the lining in front of me on the driver's side. I think because the sunroof is leaking.

The flip-up lights are broken. Only one side will shut. The other side emits half the light. It looks like I've got a faded headlight at all times.

The handle for the passenger side chair popped off.

The little "holders" on the doors (the place where you can put maps and other stuff) are loose on both doors. They pop off every day.

The stereo is loose. It just dangles in the hole. The casing that's suppose to hold it is loose.

The back speakers are blown. They were that way when I got it I just didn't know it. That's because they were not hooked up in the back.

A week after I drove it off the lot it started making a funny noise in time with the wheel turning. Even now, no one can tell me what this.

I'm scared to learn what the next problem is going to be.

General Comments:

I've owned 5 cars since I began driving and this is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. Every time I fix something on it something else goes wrong. Not only that, but my friend who has an SC2 that's a year younger (1997) has almost identical problems. From the sunroof to the leaking floor. It's so ridiculous. And, I can't get out from under the car because every place tells me Saturns are worth next to nothing after two years. (mechanics have told me used Saturns are the worst vehicles they see) It's a shame because I love the way it looks and the way it drives when it works. I was so excited when I bought it.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

1st Dec 2003, 09:34

Sounds a lot like my Saturn. Driving the car off the lot, the car stalled. I've had the car 6 years and it has around 86,000 miles on it. It's been pretty decent, but around 50,000 miles, the sunroof broke and I had to force it shut and it costs too much to get repaired so it's still forced shut. The alternator went out around 55,000 miles. What a day that was. The "service engine soon" light always stays on and my husband is constantly having to stay under the hood to make sure everything is OK. The car is driving very raggedy now and I'm afraid of driving over 60 mph. I'm thinking of buying a Honda. I don't think I'll buy another Saturn.