12th Aug 2009, 22:45

I bought a 95SC last June, the car was great until about 8 weeks ago. In the last 8 weeks I have replaced the starter, radiator, alternator, water pump and battery and today after putting a new set of tires on it the heater core went out!! I thought this was going to be a good car for my 15 year old's first car, but instead I will be going tomorrow to trade for a FORD Escape!

16th Aug 2009, 21:20

I'm getting a 95 Saturn I'm told it leaks oil and the tranny slips a little is that a big problem to worry about.

29th May 2010, 01:39

Well, I bought my 95 SC2 a few months ago with 85000 miles on it and it is a fun little car. I just bought it for transportation and was surprised at the little muscle the twin cam delivers. Not sure exactly what the "Performance" switch does.

I see most Saturns on the road these days with 250K plus miles, so the Saturn car can't be that bad. And for $1200 bucks also.

Wish me luck.

17th Jun 2010, 16:41

I just bought a 95 Saturn SC2 manual. It was an awesome car for 2 weeks, and the clutch gave. Well I replaced my clutch and the starter. It keeps blowing the 30 amp fuse for the ignition. Could it be the starter that's causing the problem? I've checked all the wires to make sure they weren't shorting out on the motor. Any suggestions?


17th Aug 2010, 19:23

I have a 1995 Saturn SC2. It's been a really good car, and the parts for it are cheap. Mine burns a little oil; about a quart every 500 miles.

So far, I've replaced the water pump, serpentine belt, motor mounts, and spark plugs. And my regular oil changes every 3,000 miles; they're great cars as long as you change and keep a check on the oil level.

Wish they would come out with a 2011 model of the SC2; that would be sweet.

155,000 miles and runs great; never left me stranded.

21st Apr 2011, 07:03

I am wanting to buy a Saturn SC2 and that's what the dealer is saying, it smokes and burns a lot of oil. It's very cute. What should I do? Replace the rings?

Thank you.

28th Nov 2011, 12:10

Mine is doing the same thing. The guy at Advanced Auto Parts said it sounds like the Idle Air Intake Valve. It's a $60 part, and very easy to replace!

28th Nov 2011, 17:16

The IAC (Idle Air intake Valve) will NOT cause smoking and excessive oil consumption.

In Saturn engines in particular, it is very common for the piston rings to be the cause of excessive oil consumption and smoking. However, badly worn valve guides coupled with deteriorated valve seals could also cause this condition (although it wouldn't be quite as severe as worn rings). In a Saturn however, I know for a fact that the 1.9L 4 -cylinder used in ALL Saturn S-series cars (whether in SOHC or DOHC form) is very well-known for having problems with bad piston rings, causing smoking and excessive oil consumption.

14th Aug 2012, 17:47

I own the same car, 1995 SC coupe manual 5 speed. I suspect the real main seal. Oil may be slipping past it down onto the clutch plate.

11th Jan 2013, 09:45

I had the exact same problem with my 99 Saturn SL2. By the time it finally seized up and died, I was going through about a quart of oil a week. I took excellent care of my car, getting the oil changed every 3000 miles. I never off roaded or ran it like I was in the Indy 500.

My fuel pump quit.

My alternator quit FOUR TIMES, and the first time it quit, it overcharged the battery and it exploded everywhere. Saturn covered it under warranty, but I was in a rental car for a month.

My front end would not stay in line, no matter how many times I had it aligned.

My car overheated constantly, and the fan that keeps it cool would not come on automatically. I had to turn the AC on to get the car to cool down, which worked until the AC compressor quit. After that, my automatic door locks began to seize and kept locking and unlocking constantly until it drained the battery.

The window motors all quit working, and I couldn't roll my windows down, and if I did, they wouldn't come back up. I was driving around with 2 of my windows duck taped to keep rain out.

Finally, the timing chain blew, and the repairs would have cost more than the car. I have never hated a car more in my life than I did that one.