11th Dec 2006, 11:22

I have a 96 SC2 with 204,000 miles on it.

I'm the original owner and have had minor issues/problems with it. Just recently I had the muffler/tailpipe replaced and I am having the radiator replaced - formed a bulge and started leaking.

But I can't complain for having the car for 10 years. As the other comments state - take care of your car and it will take care of you.

14th Dec 2006, 17:55

Here are the problems I had with 1996 Saturn SC2 before the 120000KM warranty was up. The pipe connected to the exhaust manifold busted twice and had to be replaced. The dealer said it was an $1100 part both times. The Rad had to be replaced once. Some clip came of the shifting mechanism once and I only had 3 and 4 gear. I had to replace the entire back half of the exhaust system, it was not even covered by warranty. The worst was when some kind of pin sheared off in the trans-axle and blew a hole in the transfer case. Fortunately this was warranty because the Saturn mechanic told me that the parts alone would have been more than $5500. I had problems with the antenae. After the warranty was over I had to replace all wheel bearings and hubs at only 140000km. This is all that I can remember. I bought a second hand 1999 SC2. I had to replace the exhaust system. The terrible thing is that the pin inside the trans-axle sheared off and blew a hole in my transfer case like on my 96 SC2. This time there is no warranty so I am getting a used trans-axle. Hopefully my 2006 Saturn will be more reliable with its GM engine and drive train. If not it will be my last.

15th Dec 2006, 09:45

Why, after getting burned twice by the same car brand, would you go out and buy another?

Saturns now are simply experiments to see if the Opel connection will work, and the jury is definitely out on that one. While they may be superior dynamically to their predecessors, Opel/Vauxhall isn't known for its reputation for bulletproof reliability.

My recommendation is that you sell your Saturn and buy a vehicle that's been out a while, foreign or domestic, so you can have some sort of idea of its reliability.

27th Jun 2007, 21:39

I own a 1996 SL2. When I first looked at the car, the only problems were minor paint, and some interior parts. After driving halfway home from just buying it, the sunroof was sucked right off the chassis. When I pulled off the lot, the sunroof didn't even move yet appeared to only need a new motor. After some tinkering, I found that the sunroofs are actually quite easy to replace yourself provided you can find a really good used one. Other than this I have not had any major problems with the engine or transmission. The engine runs very smoothly and quiet. I would definitely buy another Saturn. I wouldn't mind to have an Ion.

8th Mar 2008, 20:31

I have a 94 Saturn which I purchased new and now I have 397,500 miles on it, same engine and trans too. I never had too much wrong with it just the usual stuff over time. But sadly it died the other day, and I hope it can be fixed. I was looking at a used Saturn, but I immediately notice when I drove it, some of the problems that were mentioned here.

9th Mar 2008, 10:38

My 96 SC2 was probably the best car I ever owned. The previous owner took care of it and didn't abuse it, so when I acquired it at 120K miles, it was still in excellent condition.

Good things:

Sunroof worked perfectly, good acceleration, with snow tires on it drove like a dream through Minnesota, paint was in near perfect condition.

Bad things:

With something 10 years old what do you expect, there were some issues.

Tape deck was going wonky, paint came off of lower window trim, a little rust on the metal parts of a 10 year old Minnesota car-which is to be expected in Minnesota, but that was about it.

Take care of it:

Check your oil and don't let it get low. If you have a sunroof and have water inside, make sure the drain tubes are not clogged, a little compressed air should take care of clearing the drain tubes.

Unfortunately mine was destroyed by a hit-and-run driver, but I would own another one in a heartbeat.

6th Apr 2008, 11:03

I have a '96 SC2. It's probably the best car I have ever owned. I have always maintained it well.

It still looks like it just came off the showroom floor. The Saturn service department believes that year and model was the best Saturn built.

I keep getting offers to sell it. However, I love the car, it runs well, looks new...I'm keeping it until it dies - or me.

25th Aug 2008, 11:53

I am a middle aged female in the midwest who has a 1996 Saturn SC2, automatic - no sunroof but all the other extras. I've only had normal replacement as any car would, regular maintenance. Has been a great car. Bought it new in May 1996, 1 owner, it has approx. 88,800 miles on it now. Alternator needed replacing at 70,000 miles, have put in 2 new batteries, new muffler/exhaust pipe, new tires of course, but hey, no car is going to last without doing some replacement on it. I had a chance to sell this car two years ago and even though it was 10 years old, I said "no way". Gets around 22 mpg in city, 30 on hwy. Is a little noisier running the past few years but it's an older car. My husband's Ford Aerostar has had more problems than this car.