1994 Saturn SL SL1 1.9 from North America


Low quality, incredibly safe, economical car


Odometer broke at 68,000 miles.

Speedometer only worked up to 70 mph, and then started going backwards.

Water pump went out, cheap and easy fix.

Leaked oil like crazy.

Reverse quit working permanently.

Second gear went out, replaced the solenoid in the valve body for $90, and it started working again.

AC quit, replaced compressor and still didn't work. Most likely from a clog in the lines (system refused to pressurize).

Almost every plastic interior piece broke or fell off over time (dash, console, window trim, etc.)

General Comments:

Even with the shoddy build quality and mechanical issues, this car was extremely reliable and got great gas mileage.

Unfortunately these came with a terrible automatic transmission that burns out valve body solenoids, and wears out reverse either in the valve body or input shaft. The 1.9 L engine is cheap and easy to work on, and never let me down, although it did leak a lot of oil.

Also, it got great gas mileage, both city and highway.

I wouldn't have guessed it by looking at it, but it was incredibly safe as well, since it met a tragic end on the highway, totalling the car, but leaving me completely unharmed.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2012

1994 Saturn SL from North America


Loved it! Miss it! Want another one!


Seat support broke, however the person who owned the car before me was a LARGE man.

Rocker sills rusted out quite badly, however, there is a lot of salt used on the roads in my area, and after all, it is really the only place on the car that can go bad :)

General Comments:

This car was the most reliable car I have ever owned, and more reliable than some of the new cars my friends had. Obviously there was the usual wear and tear...brakes, exhaust, replaced a water pump and alternator, but remember, the car was over 13 years old!

I love the way it handled; tight, smooth, and as sporty feeling as the Trans-am I drove a few years previous to this, except on a smaller scale. I was initially skeptical of an automatic 4cyl, but I have to tell you, it was as peppy as any 4cyl standard I've ever driven, and I've driven quite a few.

It is sporty looking for a 4-door sedan. I put a front bra on mine, it was the only one around with one, and it really stood out! Very sharp.

Power window would have been nice on mine, as I found the roller arm to be in a little awkward position.

I have children, so the back seat got a lot of use. Was a good size when they were younger, but as my daughter grew, it did lack a little leg room for her, as she is all legs and feet.

I would own another one in a heartbeat, and I'd recommend them to anyone! Anyone who doesn't like them, or had a bad experience I think has just got the one bad apple in the bag - toss it and get another one, you won't be disappointed!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2011

1994 Saturn SL SL2 DOHC from North America


Rock solid dependable, Wisconsin winters= no problem


Hit a deer at 70mph, survived, took off 1/4 panel, mirror, cracked windshield, 1 headlight smashed, other front end damage. Scrapping tomorrow 11/24/10.

General Comments:

281,400 miles. So long old pal, too much body damage to fix, no oil leaking, what a shame... nobody wants to salvage except for scrap metal. Would have kept it forever.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2010

1994 Saturn SL 1.9L SOHC from North America


I have owned this SL with 85 horses for sixteen years, and am very grateful to God for it


Water pump and radiator (leak) at 185000.

Starter at 225000.

O2 sensor at 75000.

Odometer stopped at 232500.

General Comments:

Extremely reliable/fuel efficient.

Have hit three deer, been side swiped, fender bender, major hail storm, and was used as newspaper delivery vehicle.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2010

1994 Saturn SL SL2 Twin Cam from North America


A very inexpensive and reliable car!


Replaced ball joints and control arms at 156,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is the first time I've owned a Saturn. I was reluctant at first, because it looked so plain and simple.

I paid $600 dollars for it, I wanted it just to go to work, which is only 10 miles round trip from my house. It performs so well, even with 168,000 miles, that we have traveled everywhere in it. We use it more that my 2004 Jeep Liberty Renegade, because it's a lot better on gas; I'm getting 35 mpg on highway, and I'm an aggressive driver. 0-60 in just 8.6 seconds - very good for this class car.

Love the polymer body panels, which don't dent or corrode, so your car always looks nice and shiny.

My only complaint based on the car's class is the turning ratio; sometimes I have to back up in places that most cars wouldn't.

Great car!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2010