1996 Saturn SL from North America


Great Car!


The only problem that I have experienced is having to replace brakes and couple of times and a couple of mufflers. The turning radius is bad.

General Comments:

I have put nearly 200,000 miles on this car. It is an outstanding vehicle. I get great gas mileage and have used the car for a trip to the west. I purchased the car after a guy broke his back and was unable to get in and out. Everything in this car is automatic - windows and locks. It has been a great car and I would recommend this car for anyone. Our family - sister in law and brother in law both have had Saturns and have had a great deal of luck with them. I am looking forward to reaching 200,000 miles later this month.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2008

1996 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 liter from North America


Good, reliable, cheap transportation


Brakes and rotors wear out quickly. Alternator failed 25,000 miles and 80,000 miles. Left rear window has separated from the window track and is now stuck.

Horn button had to be replaced at my own expense.

Transmission mount and coolant temperature sender replaced by dealer at my expense.

Dealer service department did not recognize bad alternator when I brought it in for service, alternator failed next day while on highway.

I am not very pleased with the service department and mechanics, they never seem to fix what you brought the car in for. However they are very pleasant, just not very good at fixing cars.

Also the check engine light used to go on all the time during the first 5 years of ownership.

General Comments:

Decent highway gas mileage of around 35-38mpg.

Good air conditioning system with no problems yet at 105,000 miles. No problems so far with electrical systems. Engine and transmission has no problems.

Seats are uncomfortable.

Road noise is intrusive.

Handling is good.

Trunk and passenger space is good.

Good, economical highway cruiser.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2007

1996 Saturn SL from North America


Good little car gets a bad rap


Nothing major.

General Comments:

Not sure why there are so many bad reviews for this little car. Mine has been very good to me. Purchase price was very cheap and mine was even better as I bought it a year old with low kms.

Do not complain about performance on this car as performance is not what this car is about. This car is about low fuel consumption and low operating cost.

Agreed, the deficiencies are there in the rusting doors, poor fit and finish, road noise etc, but what do you want for the price. There are better options out there, but be prepared to pay for it.

When I bought this car I looked at all the major competitors and found this to be the best value for the buck and the biggest size car for the gas mileage.

The biggest sell for me was how roomy the car was for its advertised 50 mpg. Nothing came remotely close.

As for the reliability, maybe I have been one of the lucky ones, but I have had nothing, but routine repairs like brakes, mufflers etc..

I will say though that the ridiculous emission sensors are annoying and expensive to have replaced.

And they force you to take them in to get serviced unless you have the specific tool to gain access to it.

This planned obsolescense annoys the hell out of me, but all the manufactures do it.

How can I dislike a car that has never left me stranded, always starts even on the coldest days, and doesn't break the bank when I fill up at the pump.

I can live with the deficiencies.

(just an end note: with the plastic panels I have no visible rust and the car still looks great when cleaned up)

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Review Date: 16th October, 2007