1996 Saturn SL 1 1.9 liter from North America


A reliable plastic car


Back struts.

New serpentine belt.

New radiator fan.

Burns some oil.

General Comments:

Very good on gas.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2017

1996 Saturn SL SL1 from North America


Cheap repair costs, excellent reliability


The brakes were done shortly before I acquired the vehicle.

Rear brake cylinders were replaced at 220k.

Starter was replaced at 221k.

Alternator was replaced at 223k.

Burns oil, and usually have to put in a quart ever 300 miles.

Will have to replace front driver-side control arm and wheel bearing.

Interior makes some squeaky noises, but they're cheap to begin with. Still in relatively good shape, but rust is developing under the foot panels inside the doors.

"Performance" mode causes the transmission to fluctuate much more aggressively than I'm comfortable with to use it.

Struts and shocks will have to be replaced soon.

A/C does not work, no idea how long it's been out.

General Comments:

I was given this car for free from family, and it's been a bit of a nuisance, but very reliable. Parts are easily found, and it's relatively easy to work on if you've got the aptitude for it.

Performance is lacking. Steeper hills almost require you to go into 3rd or 2nd gear. Does well merging onto most highways, but it leaves much to be desired.

Handling has a "bubbly" feel to it. The suspension will have to be replaced, as bumps cause the car to bounce around a bit at higher speeds.

Road noise is a little loud. After putting in aftermarket speakers, it's hardly an issue any more.

Plenty of room for 4 passengers, nice and roomy, but you take a hit in performance and a bit on gas mileage, with it needing more RPM because of the extra weight.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2012

2nd Sep 2012, 00:38

Worst car ever designed. I will never even sit in a GM car again. $650 to replace the $50 wiper motor, because the genius design put this part behind the dashboard, requiring it to be removed to replace this $50 part.

Engine is commonly known to burn oil, so pretty much every other day I had to top off the oil. GM continued to produce these oil burning contraptions for at least 4 model years. Endless little stupid things would break, just because.

21st Jun 2017, 21:29

It sounds like most any car with over 200k miles. Many cars would require replacement of major driveline components, or would be succumbing to rust.

24th Jun 2017, 09:15

I love these reviews. They had one older model from a major manufacturer in existence for well over 100 years. Rather than focus on the specific worn out Saturn they have, it's all GM models as bad. Not true.

1996 Saturn SL 2 from North America


Reliable car with just a couple of problems


Air conditioning went out after 120,000 miles.

Ceiling has worn badly.

3 windows have lost power, one has been fixed so far.

Goes through oil quickly, but no leaks I can tell of.

Transmission is going out at 200,000 miles. Not sure when or if it was previously replaced. I bought it used in 2006, and it has been fine until now (2010).

Has a loud engine.

General Comments:

Pretty good on gas. About 25mpg average.

It has had minor superficial problems, but no problems with the engine or anything mechanical.

I ride my car rough, and it has held up great.

It gets around well for being a 4 cylinder.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2010

1996 Saturn SL SL1 from North America


Saturn produced a great car in 1996


The only problem I've had with my Saturn is that at 250,000 miles, I needed to replace the fuel pump.

General Comments:

Awesome car for adults as well as a teen's first car. It is great on gas and very reliable.

I love my Saturn.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010

28th Jul 2010, 22:31

It burns oil, but just keep up with it and you will be fine.

1996 Saturn SL from North America


Wish I could buy another one brand new


Changed muffler at 100,000 km.

Changed muffler and tie rods at 250,000.

General Comments:

Besides general maintenance (oil, brakes, etc...), have not spent more than 600 dollars on repairs.

Reliability is still there, even after 300,000 km.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2010